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BRIDGEWATER has added more Shortpositons on the DAX .

The total volume is now 6,13 Billion compared with 5 Billions by Monday.

This are the risks for retail traders:

- trading short: BRIDGEWATER might be forced to cover shortpositons for 6,13 Billion Euros.
- trading long: BRIDGEWATER is expecting the next sell off imminent.

The Bridgewater DAX shortpositions are equal now to avarge 2,24 full tradingday volume based on avarage 30 days before the sell off started.

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My take:

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Please do not hasitate to send this warning to friends. Send it round the world. People shout know, what´s going on about this - so called ...

... Flash Crash.

Make this is another "fake" flash crash.
Trade ist aktiv: is the largest financial newspaper and following this story based on the research here published on one to one. This story is published on the global version last night.
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Today once more on the Page 1:

Weltgrößter Hedgefonds wettet auf weiteren Dax-Crash
Fünf Milliarden Euro hat Bridgewater in fallende Dax-Kurse investiert. Doch anstatt Gewinne einzustreichen, legt der Hedgefonds noch einmal deutlich nach.
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How does it looks like, when a Shortsellers are wrong?

Intesa Sanpaolo is an Italian banking group resulting from the merger of Banca Intesa and Sanpaolo IMI based in Torre Intesa Sanpaolo, Turin, Italy. In 2014 it was the largest banking group in Italy by market capitalization, and second by total assets. The bank has also experienced growth in the international market, focused in Central-Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

When it was formed in 2007 it overtook Unicredit Group as the largest bank in Italy with 13 million customers and US$690 billion worth of assets. By 2010 its assets had grown to US$877.66 billion, ranking 26th in Forbes Global 2000. The company is a component of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index.

News, opposite to what Ray Dalio expected:
BRIDGEWATER increased net short positions on the DAX from 5 Billion now to 7-8 Billion Euro. This is a HUGE short term risk for both sides - long or short.
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Trade ist aktiv:
Bridgewater: Total Volume short Europe now at least 18,57 bn.

6,3 Mrd. Euro: Germany
3,0 Mrd. Euro: Italien
1,2 Mrd. Euro: IBEX35 Werte
1,4 Mrd. Euro: AEX: ING/ASML/Philips/Unilever
1,1 Mrd. Euro: TOTAL SA
0,7 Mrd. Euro: Sanofi
0,6 Mrd. Euro: BNP
0,3 Mrd. Euro: Airbus
0,5 Mrd. Euro: AXA
15,1 Mrd. Euro or 18.57 Bn Dollar.

Source NL shorts:
Source IBEX 35 shorts:
Source: Italien
Source quadruples shorts:
Source other shorts, Airbus:
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FT front page - Bridgewater “We'll probably have a much bigger shakeout coming"!/ft-front...
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European stocks bounce back, as investors shake off US inflation data

The euro area economy maintained a healthy growth pace at the end of last year, paving the way for another robust performance in 2018.
U.S. consumer prices rose more than expected, sparking fears over inflation. The Consumer Price Index increased 0.5 percent in January.
Volatility in the region followed the much-anticipated U.S. inflation data, which came in above expectations.
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Dow's rally comes with panic-like buying, as NYSE's Arms falls to lowest level in 15 months
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BRIDGEWATER‘s net short position is 22 bn US Dollar not 20 as calculated:
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Latest news & developments: Please click on the chart to load new facts & figures. Please try to use translator. This source is available in German language only.

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update: Follow the history of headlines - it´s self explaining. The headlines are showing, how long even Zerohedge needs to understand, what´s going on and how huge the short is (fo a single hedgefonds - and for European Stockmarkets). There are also now traders starting to buy what Dalio sold. And they are right in stocks like Airbus wich made a new all time high on Friday, January 16th.

"Fading Ray" - Why One Trader Is Buying What Bridgewater's Selling

Is Bridgewater Betting On Stock Market Disaster?

Bridgewater's European Short Grows To A Massive $22 Billion: Here Are The Targeted Companies

Dalio's $13 Billion Short: Bridgewater Unveils Its Biggest Ever Short Position

Bridgewater Unveils Its Biggest Short In Years

Bridgewater Goes From Mocking Cash Holders To Warning A "Bigger Shakeout Is Coming"

Is Bridgewater A Fraud? Here Are The Troubling Questions Posed By Jim Grant
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Ray Dalios biggest mistake, probably ever:

Italian election’s biggest winner is Europe


Bridgewater Triples Bets Against Italian Firms to $3 Billion
Hedge fund firm raises bet against Intesa, shorts Atlantia
Bridgewater raises short positions ahead of national elections
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Latest update on Bridgewater:

It's Dalio Versus Everyone Else as Money Flows to Europe

I’m surprised. That’s a big bet. Dalio and his team are very confident,” said Rick Herman, managing director of asset allocation who helps oversee about $30 billion at BB&T Institutional Investment Advisors Inc. “That’s definitely out of consensus. European stocks are cheaper, and they also have stronger earnings growth.”
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Treasury Secretary Mnuchin: More countries may be exempted from the tariffs
Canada and Mexico may not be the only two countries getting a break from the U.S. tariffs on imported steel and aluminum.
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tells CNBC the process will continue to determine whether other countries should be excused from the duties.

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