ES: up side momentum could accelerate

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After record stockmarket sell offs: What happens next?

Lets look back to stockmarkets history:

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Next issue is: What caused the flashcrash? In 1987 US T-Bond Rates went up from 8 to 10%. Yields are now at 2,8%.

Otherwise there are no:

- Financial Crisis
- Crisis in FX
- Economic Crisis
- Goepolitical Crisis
- Wars

The fundamental view is overall strong. Until now no one knows what had happened.

This are facts:

If shortsellers are involved in this flash crash they dont have a lot of time to buy back short sold stocks, if the bets are going to fail. Same time traders should be really carefull, if the largest hedgefonds in the world taking so much risks. We should expect that they know what they are doing. But i would not count on it. LTCM was a 126 Billion Dollar hedgefunds. This funds collapsed even it runs by Nobel-Price winners.

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re entry long:

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re entry same level
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Charts suggests 'strong, counter-trend' rally is likely for S&P 500
U.S. stocks bounce back from correction territory but record sizable weekly losses

U.S. bounced back from correction territory to close higher on Friday but the market still posted hefty losses for the week. All main indexes rallied in the afternoon with technology, real estate and energy sectors leading the gains while 27 out of 30 Dow stocks finished higher. Friday's rebound comes as the CBOE Volatility Index VIX, -13.15% stabilized to fall 7.5% to 30.95 after spiking on Thursday. The Dow DJIA, +1.38% rose 335 points, or 1.4%, to close at 24,196 for a weekly drop of 5.2%. The S&P 500 SPX, +1.49% climbed 38 points, or 1.5%, to end at 2,619, down 5.2% for the week, while the Nasdaq Composite Index COMP, +1.44% advanced 97 points, or 1.4%, to 6,874 but posted a weekly loss of 5.1%.
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S&P 500's rally sends a couple 'near-term positive' technical signals
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European stocks bounce back, as investors shake off US inflation data

The euro area economy maintained a healthy growth pace at the end of last year, paving the way for another robust performance in 2018.
U.S. consumer prices rose more than expected, sparking fears over inflation. The Consumer Price Index increased 0.5 percent in January.
Volatility in the region followed the much-anticipated U.S. inflation data, which came in above expectations.
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Dow clambers 200 points higher as Wall Street dispels inflation jitters
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Dow's rally comes with panic-like buying, as NYSE's Arms falls to lowest level in 15 months
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SL @ 2.700. Tital net gain until now 58 Points or 580 pips. Re entry if market cross again 2.700.
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Re entry @ 2.700. This could happen now a few times before leaving this market or see the next leg to the upside in the next day. SL is now a bit lower.
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Chart is showing todays market action. SL triggered @ 2.700. Markets turned arround after short sell off and moving higher. Re-entry at same level. Short term target remains @ 2.800.

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ES @ 2.778. Target almost reached.
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Just to compare: US-Investors sold assets for 41 Bn USD in a full month. BRIDGEWATER sold stocks for at least 22 Bn USD just within a few days only. Same time Europe’s Stockmarket is much smaller than the US Stockmarket.

„Investors staged a near-record exodus from US stocks in February

Funds that focus on U.S. stocks saw investors withdraw $41.1 billion in February, according to market data firm TrimTabs.
The total was the third-largest ever and came during a month when the Dow industrials lost about 4 %“
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Dow jumps more than 150 points at the open after strong jobs report
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High-performance U.S. tech stocks drive Nasdaq to record high
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Treasury Secretary Mnuchin: More countries may be exempted from the tariffs
Canada and Mexico may not be the only two countries getting a break from the U.S. tariffs on imported steel and aluminum.
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tells CNBC the process will continue to determine whether other countries should be excused from the duties.
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ES @ 2.800, target reached.

Closed @ 2.795
Opened @ 2.664
net gain of 130 points of 1.300 pips.

To avoid having to many trading ideas open thisone is now closed. Closing doesn´t mean anything about the further direction of the market.


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