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Story 1: January 23rd, 2018

Quote: "The hedge fund manager (Ray Dalio) said on Jan. 23 in an interview with CNBC that investors will see "a market blowoff" rally fueled by a flood of cash. "If you're holding cash, you're going to feel pretty stupid," he said.

Dalio founded Bridgewater Associates in 1975. The hedge fund now manages about $160 billion, according to its website. Bridgewater also has the biggest cumulative net profit for a hedge fund firm ever, according to data from LCH Investments. From inception to 2017, Dalio's firm posted a nearly $50 billion gain for its investors, the data showed.

Story 2: January 31, 2018: Bridgewater Huge Net Short Positions on Major DAX Stocks announced in the Federal Gazette (gooogle "net short positions, Federal Gazette Germany," and type in "Bridgewater"

Or click on this chart to get facts & figures:


Deutsche Telekom AG: 1,93 Days to cover
SAP SE: 2, 05 Days to cover
Deutsche Post AG: 3,6 (!) Days to cover
Fresenius: SE & Co. KGaA: 2,06 Days to cover
Siemens: 2, 01 Days to cover
Allianz SE: 1,9 Days to cover
Münchener Rückversicherungs-Gesellschaft Aktiengesellschaft in München: 2,07 Days to cover
adidas AG: 1,49 Days to cover
BASF SE: 2,75 Days to cover
Bayer Aktiengesellschaft: 2,34 Days to cover
E ON SE: 1,18 Days to cover
Daimler AG: 1,11 Days to cover

To compare this to other net short positons: TESLA is shorted by 18 % of all stocks - but the day to cover ratio of this huge positons is actually just in a range between 2 to maximum 6 tradingdays (!).

If ever BRIDGEWATER is wrong about this idea to short the DAX than Europes Bellwether will raise dramatically. BRIDGEWATER is not only shorting the DAX -0.76% . BRIDGEWATER is shorting also Italien Banks by 3 Billion Euro 0.00% . BRIDGEWATER is the largest hedgefonds in the world. "Bridgewater manages about $150 billion in global investments for approximately 350 of the largest and most sophisticated institutional clients." Source:

If BRIDGEWATER is shorting the DAX and same time "the largest and most sophisticated institutional clients" having long positions in the DAX there are just two options:

a): BRIDGEWATER is bedding against own clients
b): Clients following Bridgewater and this could be close to manipulating the market.

Bridgewater opens its strategy to the public according to Italy on Boomberg TV: Published on February 1th 15.03 MEZ 2.61%

But just a few hours ago bloomberg published this stunning interview on February 1th 05 .00 MEZ:

Story 3: Today, January 5th, 2018

Ray Dalio: Recent market declines are just 'minor corrections,' still lots of cash to buy the dip
The manager of the world's largest hedge fund said the latest moves in the market are "happening sooner than we expected."
Kommentar: This is Germany^s largest financial Newspaper.
This artikel is free for reading if you sing up for test reading.
This Artikel is based on the facts collected and published here on Trading View, forwarded to the news team of The
Trade ist aktiv: Its in the news now:

Thanks to the great German Stockmarket Analyst Stephan Heibel this story is now going to the public:,brid...

On Wednesday the largest Newspaper in Switzerland also will write about this stunning Bridgewater "Timing" - following the here on published trading ideas.

Today in the afternoon it was the headliner on Germany^s largest Financial Newspaper, the

This is Germany^s largest financial Newspaper.

Todays Headliner (in the afternoon):
This artikel is free for reading if you sing up for test reading.
This Artikel is based on the facts collected and published here on Trading View, forwarded to the news team of The
Kommentar: is the largest financial newspaper and following this story based on the research here published on one to one. This story is published on the global version last night.
Kommentar: Today once more: PAGE 1 story

Weltgrößter Hedgefonds wettet auf weiteren Dax-Crash
Fünf Milliarden Euro hat Bridgewater in fallende Dax-Kurse investiert. Doch anstatt Gewinne einzustreichen, legt der Hedgefonds noch einmal deutlich nach.
Trade ist aktiv: BRIDGEWATER increased net short positions on the DAX from 5 Billion now to 7-8 Billion Euro. This is a HUGE short term risk for both sides - long or short.
Trade ist aktiv: Bridgewater: Total Volume short Europe now at least 18,57 bn.

6,3 Mrd. Euro: Germany
3,0 Mrd. Euro: Italien
1,2 Mrd. Euro: IBEX35 Werte
1,4 Mrd. Euro: AEX: ING/ASML/Philips/Unilever
1,1 Mrd. Euro: TOTAL SA
0,7 Mrd. Euro: Sanofi
0,6 Mrd. Euro: BNP
0,3 Mrd. Euro: Airbus
0,5 Mrd. Euro: AXA
15,1 Mrd. Euro or 18.57 Bn Dollar.

Source NL shorts:
Source IBEX 35 shorts:
Source: Italien
Source quadruples shorts:
Source other shorts, Airbus:
FT front page - Bridgewater “We'll probably have a much bigger shakeout coming"!/ft-front...
Trade ist aktiv: Ray Dalios biggest mistake, probably ever:

Italian election’s biggest winner is Europe


Bridgewater Triples Bets Against Italian Firms to $3 Billion
Hedge fund firm raises bet against Intesa, shorts Atlantia
Bridgewater raises short positions ahead of national elections
Trade ist aktiv: Latest update on Bridgewater:

It's Dalio Versus Everyone Else as Money Flows to Europe

I’m surprised. That’s a big bet. Dalio and his team are very confident,” said Rick Herman, managing director of asset allocation who helps oversee about $30 billion at BB&T Institutional Investment Advisors Inc. “That’s definitely out of consensus. European stocks are cheaper, and they also have stronger earnings growth.”
Trade ist aktiv: Just to compare: US-Investors sold assets for 41 Bn USD in a full month. BRIDGEWATER sold stocks for at least 22 Bn USD just within a few days only. Same time Europe’s Stockmarket is much smaller than the US Stockmarket.

„Investors staged a near-record exodus from US stocks in February

Funds that focus on U.S. stocks saw investors withdraw $41.1 billion in February, according to market data firm TrimTabs.
The total was the third-largest ever and came during a month when the Dow industrials lost about 4 %“
Trade ist aktiv: High-performance U.S. tech stocks drive Nasdaq to record high

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Really a huge approach!!!
Thank you very much for all the information you've provided. It seems that market manipulation is a real possibility. However, I would like to remind the author that Hedge Funds usually invest on markets this way: they take LONG and SHORT positions (hence the name HEDGE FUNDS). Therefore, if Bridgewater is increasing their SHORT positions on the DAX and Italian banks then one would have to consider the possibility that they are also increasing their LONG position someplace else. For example, they may SHORT the DAX and to go LONG the Dow Jones or SP 500 in the US which would be considered one type of strategy.
SwissView mueller11111
@mueller11111, what we need to know is the size of trades likes this. Bridgewater is shorting now Europe by 16,8 Billion US Dollar. The DAX short position is 6 Billion US Dollar. So - the full withdraw of all German Investors in the years 2012-2017 (Euro Crisis) was in one year 5 billion and in an other year 6 billion. Bridgewater is selling more volume in a few days only than all German investors withdraw in a full year from the DAX. The DAX even has multinational Companies is - simply - so smalls for orderflow like this.

Anyway: Actuall Sentiment Survey for the DAX. In case you can not read articels in German Language please use translator.

mueller11111 SwissView
@SwissView, I hope that Bridgewater will get a short squeeze and learn a lesson, and by the way they also have a short position in Total S/A and guess what?!! Total S/A just reported a great quarterly numbers beating all expectations and they've introduced a 'STOCK BUYBACK" program. That is a squeeze on the shorts for sure. hahahahahaha
SwissView mueller11111
@mueller11111, could you add the links please, i will check the numbers. Can you give us all the information about the short interest rate in Total S/A please and the source? I will foward it those who might like to publish it next days.
mueller11111 SwissView
@SwissView, You can look at this link here to find out more information on their short positions:
-- and confirm that Total S/A is the biggest short bets that Bridgewater has.
And here on this link you will see that Total S/A just had one great quarter with blowout numbers and also initiated a stock buyback program: "Total SA Records a Blowout Quarter and Initiates Share-Buyback Program"
Another very interesting fact is that Bridgewater also has a short position and is bearish on Airbus SE. Can you believe it? One of the best sectors of the Market -- Aerospace -- are they nuts or what? hahahahahahaha
SwissView mueller11111
@mueller11111, yes, thx, found this bloomberg artikel same time. Airbus i had read yesterday. Airbus and Boeing did not sold any airplanes in Asia last week - but they likely to grow further. Both company likely to earn enough next 5 years. Aircrafts doesn´r fly for ever. All those delievered past 30 years needs to be replace each one by one next 30 years. Probably a few years to early to short Airbus or Boeing. Are you from France?
mueller11111 SwissView
@SwissView, Wow !! What a beauty. Very nice order worth 16+ Billions ("Emirates firms up $16 billion order for A380 superjumbos"). Excellent for Airbus and that also proves my point. This is going to be a huge short squeeze..................hahahahahaha
SwissView mueller11111
@mueller11111, Allianz has an stock back back programm running right now and buying back upt to 600.000 shares a week.

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