SPX/SPY: Next Short Term Target 2.880

After G7, Fed and EZB decissions global stockmarkets gaining on new upside momentum, unexpectedly. Next target for the US 500 is 2.880 - the former all time highs from earlier this year.

This trading idea follows up the short term target TI (2.800):

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Trade ist aktiv: Billionaire Koch brothers network unveil phase one of multimillion-dollar ad campaign against President Trump's tariffs

Billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch are unveiling a multimillion-dollar ad campaign against President Donald Trump's tariffs.

The first phase of the ad campaign, which is funded by the Koch network's Freedom Partners organization, will air on TV and radio starting in June.
The campaign will call on Congress to support free trade policies and abandon Trump's protectionist goals.
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Kommentar: "Trumps Trade War" backfires Trump:

China Energy executives cancel West Virginia trip amid trade dispute
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