WTIOIL - all the way upstairs

To find reversal points of a market is not easy but still possible, as we have found out using the example of WTI oil.
Analysis "WTI ÖL - Again 61,8% - Only short-term long entry?" from the 07th of June 2019
Analysis "WTI oil - Is the trend change for halving?" from April 12, 2019
Analysis "WTI - till$ 45, no major trend reversal." from 13th Nov. 2018

Every market has its peculiarities and with time you may be lucky enough to find a pattern. This works as long as some ghostly good, until the diva "StockMarket" flips, new patterns emerge and you can start all over again.

So I have no access to the Pentagon or the CIA and do not know in advance of which tankers in the Persian Gulf accidentally (after the US fleet was back) could be attacked :-).

However, the indicators are already overheating so that the profits must definitely be hedged. It should be considered that at first some profits should be taken. If oil come bake, we are looking for the new entry, but not necessarily come, as you can see in the Dax.

Analysis "Waiting for the bullrun": from May 30, 2019
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