Zcash uptrend 100%+ gain

BINANCE:ZECBTC   Zcash / Bitcoin
Zcash was consolidating for a long time since 10th of February till 1 week ago. That would be more than 100 days consolidation.
Now, after longer consolidation and after regaining 50% in 30 mins time on the 14th of May its was more than clear that Zcash is trying to push up.
Made an uptrend from 0.02
Uptrended from 0.0292 touched 0.0456 mark and retraced, but stayed above 0.0282 level and continously pushing upper price level in order to breach 0.045 mark.
After three attempts fails to do it and retraces to 0.0382 (while achieving 0.044 0.045 0.046 prices) and retracing.
Makes an uptrend from 0.0382 while continously retesting that level 5 times (even with strong pierces) didn't managed to breach that level from the upper side.
in the first cycle was uptrending (in sats and usd) more than btc actually lost in value which shows extreme bullishness at this moment (Zcash was uptrending while entire market was between 5 and 20% minus) was like +10% +20%.

Having in mind 0.0382 level held pretty well (desipite numerious retest), my personal take is that Zcash could double or maybe even go to 0.1 target or even 0.015 in last instance (but honestly) i m not expecting reaching that value in one instance.
on 0.082 level we have resistance, but since we are in form of falling wedge , i thing it could actually pierce through 0.045 and 0.056 resistances going straight to 0.082 level which would be next resistance level and (by my opinion) safe exit price for all people who rebuy under 0.04 sats .

Targets :
0.082 (as most probable)

0.15 was ATH at zcash (comparing to existant 0.038 we could conclude that price of Zcash is pretty much underpiced.
I do expect sharp upward momentum heading staight to 0.082 sats .

-This is not financial advice, it was meant to be used only as speculative and solely subjective point of view
Trade ist aktiv: On the edge of the falling wedge at the moment (which is absolutely bullish signal).
It's probably the best rebuy price we could see in this cycle.
I m calling buy on Zcash at 0.0355.
Good luck guys.
-This is not financial advice, it was meant to be used only as speculative and solely subjective point of view

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Zcash is a great HODL! If you see recent developments then I can see a bigger picture.

1. ZEC was added to Gemini Exchange -- means now USD/ZEC pair is active.. Gemini is the exchange from which CBOE index is decided. Winklevoss twins interested in ZEC is a big deal , they are tech pioneers ... FB.. BTC... now ZEC

2. Circle added ZEC.. Biggest investor of circle is Goldmansachs...

3. A ZEC miner was recently launched...

4. ZEC is listed on majorly all exchanges...

Getting approved by toughest and highest regarded regulator in world (NY State) is a big deal. It has cleared a big regulatory hurdle.

I am buying huge ZEC to hedge against BITCOIN... ZEC functionality starts where BTC left !!! In my opinion this is a great hedge against BTC... and general crypto...Remember BCASH also had some crazy bull run and then it went down and then it made a crazy bull run...
Thanks milanjelic ! Welcome Back ! Any other cheap coins?
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