Bitcoin upcoming price levels VERY IMPORTANT

Bitcoin is bleeding widely as we all see, but there are several things you can do before it goes deeper and pulls entire market in dropdown for a third time in apriximately 35-40% price reversal.
Everybody is talking about some "magical rebounce from 8.200 level".
That "rebound situation" won't happend at 8.200 level (because it would happened already), but on 5800 level YES- possible rebounce to 7,400 level then it should continue to go "deeper".

All of you holding Bitcoin or any other altcoin could possibly use situation for your benefit.
Cashout your position, USDT/USD only, wait for 5800 price level, buy high volatile coin (XRP/XLM), wait for BTC recovery at 7.400 level and then CASHOUT again, because in dropdown situation, entire market will make huge retracement, but not every coin will regain value that fast as XRP or XLM .

Dont listen to market makers, dont bury your money.
Good luck
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: Bitcoin rebounced more than we could possibly expect from it, but,
there is no healthy price at this price level.
People are already talking about 15.000 level or even more, which is totaly unrealistic from this point of view.
Even price 8.000 level seems so far away considering we wont see any at that price range.
Bitcoin seems very unstable, my opinion is it will go bellow 5,800 level (as it drops from this level in the moment of writting price 7269 level).
We should experience huge dips regardless price is 7269).
If this was healthy rebounce, price should hold few days over 7000 level, if not, it will collapse deeper than last one (deeper than 6000 level) and rebounce, but, if this price keep holding for one more day or two, the next 100% safe profit situation will be at 3.000 level, then rebuy, leverage XRP or XLM, wait for 4800 to 5000 level and cashout.
My opinion is that this was not healthy rebounce, but, if this price doesnt collapse that quick as it moves from 7200 level downwards, it will probably pass 5500 mark and continue to go downwards.
Dont buy bitcoin, wait for much bigger dips.
Good luck
as much as I love to buy BTC at 5300$, I really don't like it if it goes to sub 3k. Then with massive panic, we may go down to 1.5k support and that would be one of the biggest bear market of BTC inmho.
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milanjelic basahand
@basahand, thahks
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"Dont buy bitcoin, wait for much bigger dips."
what is your guess about when this is going to be happen? i am in USD and i am starting to affraid that i miss the train.
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samu0815 sanwhere
@sanwhere, Life teaches you. You can not catch every train. I'm not sure yet. We will see...
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Man you are the only dude who I take his advice really serious here. All others are just doing it merely for followership or upsell without really churning out realistic TA as results getting people burned.

Your TA are realistic and always come through. Those who yielded to your last call, would not have gotten so beaten with this recent bloodbath. Thanks and bravo!
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TauCeti jerrywhyte
Amen for that.
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TauCeti jerrywhyte

I didn't get burned just becouse his charts.


Please, give us your donation address, so we can reward your help.
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milanjelic jerrywhyte

Thank you very much Jerry.
Very kind of you mate.
Truly appreciate it.
spot on. very good analyse. thank you sharing with us
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milanjelic New2crypto76

You are welcome mate.
Happy earnings.
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