ZCash breaking support and reaching 400 in 3-4 days from now

Zcash should continute this uptrend up to resistance level and break it (most people say you would need a psychic that (will it break or no and for exact numbers and exact values in a given time period.). I disasgree !!! Strongly disagree.
Zcash should break support level in a two days time (according to my calculations) and make a strong uptrend to 400.

When that happends, values should be near that, lets say 380-390$ in a time period given above and i personally dont recommend waiting for prices to grow more and suggesting cashing out your positions, but let's be clear about one thing, it your money and your decision. Dont be too greedy.

Good luck.
Kommentar: And one more thing.
My opinion is that when we reach that price in a given time period , but, that price will be overextended and i m expecting strong downtrend right after peak value *(380-390) for maybe 50 % (45%). So, that'll be pullback on 210
Trade ist aktiv: We are still waiting for Zcash to make price spike up to 400$ regardless he's doin' slight flow between 280-310.
Trade ist aktiv: Guys,
I wanna let you know that you dont give up on ZCash,
don't sell out your position, because we will have strong uptrend and also
strong downtrend right after.
You can place your orders on 370-380 (even 390).
Good luck to all
Trade ist aktiv: Seem's like Zcash starting to "showing muscles"
Trade ist aktiv: In previous TA shown target is reached (with 3 days delay).

I just did not close "trade".

TRADE CLOSE TARGET REACHED __________________________________________________________________

In order not to repost new one,
I'll update for all the people here on TV who follow me :

ZCASH is a good buy.

ZCash will be the Swiss bank account of the 21st century, not monero.

Weaksauce tech.

Any comments and construcive critism is welcome.

Target would be 0.0255 sats

Peak at 0.0262 sats
Here we go! ROCKET MODE ON!
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milanjelic dzidzumidzubtc

We go again.
hi! Now i think it's too late to wait 370-380........=(
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milanjelic tatarinaltel

Wash, rinse, repeat.
I have this night broke into the account in Gmail, then poloniex the account's!!! All the money now lost....guys so bad I never had in my life...
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It’s pulling down right now but I have faith. Patience is a virtue!
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milanjelic BinaryDomain

We go?
Tell, please, today, we expect this forecast?
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milanjelic rspavel
@rspavel, i would say 36hours max time=peak value, you will notice uptrends after this slight downtrend.
Good luck
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