Ethereum/Bitcoin 60% earning, shorter time period, aproximately

POLONIEX:ETHBTC   Ethereum / Bitcoin
Ethereum is very bulish, but opressed by Bitcoin , same as Siacoin and few more altcoin with almost the same extremely bullish structure.

I'm not very "convinced" in Bitcoin at this point, because there are strong fluctuation by BTC side which affect entire market, so alts can't grow (even those extremely bullish ).

This seems like perfect opportunity for Ethereum to grow stronger, it shows very bullish momentum since January 13th while getting oppressed by Bitcoin .

Whenever going down (when getting opressed by Bitcoin drop), it makes few % retracement, instantly recoveres and trying to grow whenever Bitcoin seems "stable" (calm).

Ehereum seems extra stable, my personaly opinion judging by analysis is more than 60% growth comparing to Bitcoin .

It will grow as soon as Bitcoin tries to stabilize on certain price level (8.200-9.300) price level.


So you trying to play a technical separation BTC to ETH ---- All the ICO's r on ETH but now many are changing preemptively to NEO .

If BTC dumps down to 8200 ETH will drag along with it ... no
milanjelic casstete
@casstete, i agree with you, this is why this presents perfect opportunity to grow stronger in eth, because entire market will collapse with btc.
When Bitcoin tries to stablizes, ETH will grow very fast, while Btc will remain calm for few days, so there is an opportunity for short swing trading with 60% more porftolio in USDT
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milanjelic milanjelic
@milanjelic, I recommended already transfering all crypto in USDT before market experience huuuge dip and buy alts on low.
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casstete milanjelic
@milanjelic, true , every regress of BTC will be a shift to ALT & ETH is placed best at present ... it will loose Market share fairly fast I believe once people realise it hasn't got anything to offer in day to day transactions , speed & cost
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samu0815 casstete
@casstete, If you buy ALT you mostly invest in BTC...
casstete samu0815
@samu0815, ehhh ... no ....
casstete samu0815
@samu0815, BTC falling didn't influence most Alts now already , the transfer of market share is happening fast .
samu0815 casstete
@casstete, Have a look on ALTs, what will happen, when BTC is going down ;-)
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casstete samu0815
@samu0815, you need to appreciate whats happening , BTC is loosing market share and you can see it ,

I know Alts fall , but you go have a look where NEO will go in comparison to BTC itself & how it's been moving . Others as well

It's ETH time now ... for another while and then it will also be dropped for NEO & OR ZCASH and other more relevant tech .

Bitcoin is Gold without any use ... that sucks
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