Ripple should make his next downtrend to support zone third time in a row and it will come back exponentially to previous prices 0.265-0.27$).

There will be enough accumulation for big price spike in short time period.

* Price buy in range 0.1913 $-0.1979 $ right after coin reaches support level .

* Target over 0.26 $ (probably going over 0.27$ but not too far from that, 028% is mby little overextended.
* Return on investment 142-152 %(depeding how "far" will you go% when cashing out your position if bought under 0, 20 $)

* Time period 7 days
Kommentar: We reached buy zone.
Now we are expecting a peak value, 4-5 days time/42% price growth.
Kommentar: Success !
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht
Hello Milan, I like your TA, please i would like to know what's the orange indicator layered over volume I tried the same time frame same asset but it doesn't look like volume 20EMA.
+2 Antworten
Thank you for your analysis. That met very exactly. I sold at .275 and now waiting for the next candle!
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milanjelic atom145
@atom145, you are welcome
I'm glad you made some profit.
+1 Antworten
how high do you think it will go?
Aproaching buy zone, this should be nice moment to buy, but as mentioned above, it up to you guys.
Good luck
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Hvala za analizu ;)
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