#S&P500 - Target Hit with 12 points difference #spx500 And now?

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OANDA:SPX500USD   S&P 500 Index
The 6h chart shows the strong reaction of the S&P500 at the 2.259 level.
In today's low, the S&P500 reached this level by 12 points exactly and then turned north again.
Currently, the question arises, is this fast movement since Feb. 19, 2020 until March 18. 2020 an ABC formation or an impulse as 12345, so that after the upward-pointing 4 a further sell-off follows.
For shorties, however, this means in any case to slowly secure profits and to buy back their positions, because in the former case as ABC, a hard technical V formation could send the prices back up as fast as they were beaten down.
So the idea now is to go from short to long or the bear cap and put the bull cap back on.

What do you think about the idea?

Greetings from Hamburg

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