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Possible ABCD-continuation-pattern in BITCOIN

The BTC was able to make up some ground in the last few days. However, it still remains stuck again and again at the "BLOCKER" and can not sustainably overcome this strong resistance!

The 38.2% and 61.8% Fib retracement represent possible target / retracement zones (TP).
The 1.25% / 1.272% Fib retracement represent the rebound - the maximum retracement.

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NOTE: The above information represents my idea and is not an investment / trading recommendation! Without any warranty & exclusion of liability!
Furthermore, there are more matches in the target area, like GP from the Fib-channel, but a Fib projection and positive divergences could form on a lower low! And the BTC needs to target any targets in the future in ranges of 80-100K!


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