#Spain - #Bailout - 20.07.2020 - We the people #BBVA

The next Bailout of Spain.

The bailout of Spain has now taken place after 1 1/2 years.
But it will not stay that way.
Spain will not get back on its feet despite financial aid and loans. The socialist structures + nepotism are too strong and the trust in Government is down and LockDown break the neck of economy.

It's over!

Therefore it will come also in the next 2 1/2 years to revolts of "We the people".

The Government is never for the people only for themselves and oligarchs.
Zins oder Dividende? Aktien oder Anleihen? Was sind Wandeloptionsanleihen?
Immobilien oder Rohstoffe?
Sind Lebensversicherungen sicher?
Geld richtig investieren!


Jesus, Stefan! As long as there is bread and circuses (or better "games") , no one will go on riots. Just check your supermarket how cheap food is and when it comes for games: especially in corona times it has never been more easy to get the people ...
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@ttk100, wait and see what will happen in the next two years. The supply chains are about to collapse. 50% of restaurants won't survive the crisis. They closed permanent! They will not demand pomes frites, fish, meat, etc. This puts pressure on the farmers because they cannot get their crops sold at commercially reasonable prices. In the USA there is already overcapacity of pigs, cattle, tomatoes, eggs, chickens ... which have to be disposed of by farmers because the retailers and restaurants do not buy them. On the other hand, there is massive unemployment in big cities, where food is lacking and becoming more expensive. The logistics from Farmer to City no longer Works correct, but the farmers who cancel their sails because they are bankrupt, then food production on their land and farms comes to a standstill.
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