#BBVA - #Banco #Bilbao saved? #Spain #tradingview

I have been following this count for quite some time now.
Bailout Spain has arrived as expected.
All the centralbank money and buying of zombidebt could cosmetically save the balance sheet of Banco Bilbao and possibly start a turnaround.
But I will definitely not buy the share.

The first riots have also started extraordinarily early.

The CoronaLockDowns will significantly intensify the eruption of the riots in the coming months and years. As a tourist country, many Spanish families with hotels and restaurants and so on are dependent on the guests.
They are faced with the shattering of their existence and with a hungry stomach, people quickly become angry.
The LockDown governments of Spain will probably have to flee soon if they want to survive the economic collapse and the subsequent lynching.

Greetings from Hanover

Stefan Bode
Kommentar: Fillet pieces from the USA must be sold.
As always it is exciting that insiders have already positioned themselves in the last 2 months and now the news from Bloomberg provides the reason.
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