Upcoming Trade Setup on USDCAD!

FX:USDCAD   US-Dollar / Kanadischer Dollar
The pair USDCAD is going to make a down move if it break the inside pattern! Its in correction mode on Weekly timeframe and got number of chance of down move! Break down of bottom trendline of higher correction we may see a further fall! So keep an eye on this pair!

Trade according to your own strategy!
Trade ist aktiv: Breaking out!
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Chance is equl for a b/o upside !
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WaveExpert waterman
very right waterman! but we have some edge towards downside!
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Umm, I have to rethink on Oil then :|
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Great stuff as always WE

Question, am curious...how do u take your position, automatically on a break, a re-test of the break or S+R, candle action on lower TF's? Thxs
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Fash...Me too curious...

But in my experience it depends entirely on structure.. Some time you have to wait for a flag after breakout, some time just a pul back,some time a little retracement.. And in one specific pattern not to wait at all, trigger on just breakout... Isn't is so wave expert??
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arshadd arshadd
Fash: all you need is to master this "some time" ...
so this is a channel within a bigger channel? so if short, and it hovers in the mid range of the channel, we will wait for it to go down further, right ?
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WaveExpert dchua1969
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