Upcoming Trade Setup on USDCAD!

FX:USDCAD   US-Dollar / Kanadischer Dollar
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The pair USDCAD is going to make a down move if it break the inside pattern! Its in correction mode on Weekly timeframe and got number of chance of down move! Break down of bottom trendline of higher correction we may see a further fall! So keep an eye on this pair!

Trade according to your own strategy!
Oct 14
Trade ist aktiv: Breaking out!
Oct 29
Kommentar: Update:
This time I think it can be huge.
Very good risk/reward by setting stops just outside the structure.
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Viking83 Viking83
This is the inverse pair, but it tells the picture quite well ;)
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WaveExpert Viking83
very good work!
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Viking83 WaveExpert
Thanks. This one is not so sophisticated, but it illustrates quite well that we are in outer band of the zone. Given that we are to see a strengthening of the CAD, the place to be a buyer is here. The dollar DXY closed right below a GANN resistance line from 2002 on weekly charts. The dollar is most likely due for an intermediate cycle degree correction. Let's see in the coming week. Have a nice weekend!
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WaveExpert PakistaniHeroes
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Nice setup
WaveExpert SuzzyZeon
thank you!
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Great stuff as always WE

Question, am curious...how do u take your position, automatically on a break, a re-test of the break or S+R, candle action on lower TF's? Thxs
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Fash...Me too curious...

But in my experience it depends entirely on structure.. Some time you have to wait for a flag after breakout, some time just a pul back,some time a little retracement.. And in one specific pattern not to wait at all, trigger on just breakout... Isn't is so wave expert??
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