FX:GBPCAD   Britisches Pfund / Kanadischer Dollar
Like other pound pair GBPCAD is also looking down to me! if break of trendline will make it fall! in case break the lower correction can make a smaller move upward before break towards downside!

Trade according to your own strategy!
Kommentar: There were three entry points! Again a good one!
Kommentar: Target Level Hit with Money Bank as mentioned in last Update! My Entries made 1060+ Pips in Total on this pair!
Kommentar: TP2 Hit with MEGA PROFIT & Bank your max profit!
Kommentar: That was 1000s Pips Trade. End weekend with a good close! Happy Trading!


Nice, but the first breakout was a failed setup with a decent stop isn't it?

I guess the end sum would in profit of course with 2nd run coming in. But, that last run asked for real loose SL management and TP's. You prefer the loose SL method Wave trader? Curious about that.
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Nice work
WaveExpert itahirmasood
thank you!
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why everybody is doing same drawing mistake, that trendline does not start from july , here my view :
thank you for this pair I only sold it now, seeing that we have a upside sown hammer, only now I think it might fall, thanx for the analysis