Trade Setups on Gold!

FX_IDC:XAUUSD   Gold / US-Dollar
According to my analysis gold is going to climb a bit higher from now! Break above will provide a buy opportunity and in case break below it will fall to a certain level. Its a repost & updated idea!

Trade according to your own plan & strategy!
Sep 21
Kommentar: Breakout! Good!
Sep 21
Kommentar: 90 pips up right after breakout! Wait and watch!
Sep 22
Kommentar: 250+ Pips for this short term trade! Stop Breakeven (for the short term trade) or cash it if you want and wait for big trade!!
Sep 22
Kommentar: Guys 320+ Target level almost reached of the inner short term trade!
Sep 22
Sep 26
Kommentar: Another Possibility!!
Sep 28
Kommentar: Right at the target level. Another 190 Pips for this inner short trade!
Oct 02
Kommentar: Keep your eyes on it!! We already have made excellent profit within the setup! So Big Trade Coming! Give proper time to market & Don't jump blindly!
Oct 04
Kommentar: BANG..3rd Trade Setup within this idea! Now at 380+ pips after Breakout! Time for consolidation?
Oct 04
Kommentar: You can take some profit here to keep yourself in safe zone & for rest Stops should be at breakeven!
Oct 06
Kommentar: BANG..Over 670 Pips so far!!
Oct 24
Kommentar: Update: If it makes a flag i'll sell.
Nov 08
Kommentar: Nicely Retested ...
Nov 14
Kommentar: Target level 1 hit with 1000+ Pips! Take maximum profit here! I' am bit busy in some issues! Hopefully I will be back & start posting charts in 2 or 3 days! Thank you all who asked me in PM! Good luck
Nov 23
Kommentar: Wow.. 1300+ Pips Up for this big trade! Happy Trading!
Nov 29
Kommentar: Now 1550+ Pips.. Big Trade as I told you before. Believe in Quality, Not Quantity.
Dec 20
Kommentar: Right now we are at 2100+ Pips.. Told you its a big trade! Happy Trading


Nicely predict
+4 Antworten
+4 Antworten
+3 Antworten
done , thank you !
+3 Antworten
WaveExpert GoldHunter
welcome :)
+3 Antworten
super ... you usually catch all that big pips ;)
+2 Antworten
WaveExpert MorhafMo
Thanks. @MorhafMo,
+2 Antworten
Thank u for this amazing trade , I took profit today . waiting to renter at second breakout ..... your rate of success is so high !
+2 Antworten
WaveExpert GoldHunter
That's very nice! And thanks for appreciating!
+3 Antworten
Good set up for long.
+2 Antworten
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