Risky But Profitable Trade!

FX:USDCAD   US-Dollar / Kanadischer Dollar
The pair USDCAD is in decisional mode! So its quite risky but price held the pattern trendline quite impressively so I am thinking to go long on this pair.

Trade according to your strategy & according to your choice!
Kommentar: Going nicely!
Kommentar: I don't know if you took this one or not! But it was a good one! :) Just near to Target Level 1 with 333+ Pips


Were you on vacation?
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WaveExpert henryMob
I'm still on vacations! :) will be actively participating from Monday!
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thanks for sharing
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WaveExpert TweetFx
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welcome back...i miss you.....ahh well done incredible chart.
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WaveExpert pipodertaker
Thanks for the humble comment! :)
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WaveExpert ForexHunter007
Welcome :)
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Missed the move from the trendline but looking to buy of an hourly correction.

what are your views on this setup
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WaveExpert AkashGaur
its quite a good setup!! :)
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