Quick Picture of an Expected Trade Setup! "IF=Then" Mode!

FX:EURGBP   Euro / Britisches Pfund
The pair EURGBP is in "If=Then" mode! If price start to make a move downward and break the trendline then i'll look for sell! These are my current views on this pair, if there will be any change in structure or pattern in future then I'll update that. Better not to trade before confirmation! So sit back and wait for it! Again, its "IF THEN Mode."

Trade according to your own strategy!

Kommentar: So far so good!
Kommentar: Price is just going the first point! We will sell if it break the down trendline!
Kommentar: Look where we are
Kommentar: Fall?
Kommentar: Update:
Kommentar: Look how nicely its going! just as we forecasted! At 430+ Pips
Kommentar: 430+ Pips.. look how nicely its going just as forecasted!
Kommentar: Take a look
Kommentar: Over 500+ Pips from this trade!
Kommentar: 530+ Pips!!
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht
Kommentar: Guess what we got picture after hitting 700 Pips?

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Is it a reversal?
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yes, if it break the above trendline then we may see a move up but for short term. @j_amui,
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j_amui WaveExpert
@WaveExpert, Thanks
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Got that one too on my watchlist :)
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That's very good! hope you also know the expected pattern :)
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KaQing WaveExpert
Sure, I am a diligent student :)
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great call... thumbs up... :-)
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WaveExpert Trueman23
thanks @Trueman23,
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Thanks for sharing clear idea.
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WaveExpert ourbati
Welcome :)
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