dynaCERT - Billions of potential - Hydrogen for Diesel-Engine

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dynaCERT - Billions of potential with hydrogen technology for diesel

dynaCERT has won the German Innovation Award with the innovation 'HydraGEN' and presented the retrofit unit for clean diesel combustion at HANNOVER MESSE and bauma in Munich.

Now came the first major order - with billions in potential.

The Canadian company dynaCERT has invested more than 50 million CAD in the development of a hydrogen technology over more than 10 years, which has now been ready for the market and series for several months. 'HydraGEN' by dynaCERT produces hydrogen for diesel engines as needed for the combustion process and adds it via the air before. In this context not only increased combustion efficiency was achieved, but also a reduction of nitrogen dioxide by up to 88%, particulate matter up to 55%, CO2 up to 9.6% while reducing consumption by up to 19% ,

The first 100 of 10,000 'HydraGEN' for Mexico

While several customers around the globe have already started pilot projects, the first significant purchase order came from Mexico. Through a distribution partner, a buyer was acquired in Mexico with the Alliance Holdings Group and affiliated unions, which has started the business relationship with a decrease of 100 'HydraGEN' units. The value of the order is expected to be around $ 0.6 million, as a standard 'HydraGEN' unit costs around $ 6,000 CAD. On top of that. In a further step, a total of 10,000 devices are to be delivered to Mexico, which corresponds to an order volume of approximately CAD 60 million.

Billions in potential with plant in Mexico

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with Alliance to pursue a common goal of operating a plant in Mexico capable of manufacturing up to 1 million HydraGEN facilities in the future. Environmental protection and job creation are on the agenda - two good topics. Should it come to a successful cooperation, then this has a sales potential in the amount of several billion CAD.

Contribution to the Paris Climate Change Agreement

The advantage of 'HydraGEN' is great, because the environmentally friendly solution of dynaCERT brings not only cleaner air for the population but also economic benefits from fuel savings for Mexican companies. The commitments of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change will provide supportive technology through the introduction of 'HydraGEN' to comply with emission limits.

Telematics software provides transparency

With new vehicle telematics software called 'HydraLytica', users of 'HydraGEN' get easy access to reports on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions reduction in diesel vehicles and machinery. This allows companies, truck drivers and fleet operators from the on-board computer to control automatically calculated savings in diesel and CO2 emissions, dynaCERT said in its latest release. 'HydraLytica' reads the data directly from the diagnosis port ('OBD' port) of the on-board computer in the truck and forwards this data to the cloud server of dynaCERT. Once the 'HydraGEN' unit is up and running, HydraLytica will calculate fuel consumption and distance traveled and calculate fuel savings and pollutant emissions savings in kilograms of CO2 equivalent.

Generate and prove CO2 certificates

Jim Payne, CEO of dynaCERT, said in the recent release, "Our new technology reporting system is a great and innovative addition to our product line and now provides clear benefits that users of our 'HydraGEN' technology have demonstrated with their own fleets can be made. Truck owners can now justify the cost of installing 'HydraGEN' units in their trucks. It is also a necessary first step in generating and demonstrating CO2 certificates on the operation of diesel engines. We want to share this with truck owners and fleet operators as soon as the submission of our documentation to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ('UNFCCC') and the 'VERRA VCS' program for such carbon credits has been completed. "

Irreplaceable diesel engines offer enormous potential

We assume that the dynaCERT share will gain increasing attention in the coming months. At $ 0.275 per share, the company is currently worth around $ 75 million on the stock market. As soon as further purchase orders for 'HydraGEN' are received in significant quantities, the share price should rise. The technology of dynaCERT is contemporary and offers enormous potential due to the irreplaceable nature of diesel engines in many economic areas.

Translated article from Jörg Schulte

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