dynaCERT -is already making money with hydrogen!

The logistician Jörg Mosolf from Mosolf Group near Stuttgart (SW-Germany) joined the hydrogen company dynaCERT 2 weeks ago, which I have been observing and investing in for some time now. Today I got the news about the entry of Eric Sprott, the second richest Canadian and known from the mining sector.
DynaCERT makes diesel technology more efficient in combustion by feeding hydrogen into the engine via the air supply. Diesel consumption is reduced by 7-9% in MAN's new trucks (TÜV Nord + TÜV Süd + Kraftfahrzeugbundesamt tested).

At the same time CO2 is reduced by 8-10%, CO + fine dust by up to 50% and NOx values by up to 90%. In comparison to the hyped Nel ASA or Ballard Power - dynaCERT already earns money in Q. 4 2019 and expects a profit of more than 50 million CAD next year. With a market capitalization of 100 million CAD this is a PER of 2 and that in a gigantic growth market with currently no competitor.

Next target 0.80 CAD
later 2.00 CAD in 12-18 months = 400%.
Trade ist aktiv: Entry at 0,48 CAD
Kommentar: The train is moving but you should invest because the train go's to 2 CAD and later 5 CAD.
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