AAPL Set Up For Short Spread Entry

Utilizing our system, AAPL currently has ~76% chance of a trend reversal based upon 3 years worth of price data. Therefore, with a $2 risk to set up for a counter trend entry, AAPL may be ripe for a $145/$146 Credit Spread.

This sets a max profit of 53% ROR/ROI. Stop loss is above the reversal bar on market close.

Implied volatility is increasing due to earnings being just around the corner, so we've looked to sell the April 28 expiration for a decent risk/reward. The one word of caution on this trade though is earnings , as it can be a double-edged sword in the game of trading AAPL . If price does indeed drive downward to begin a potentially strong down-move, IV will drop and we'll close the trade if any bullish reversals show in order to maintain our strong position.
Apr 20
Trade ist aktiv


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