XRP Scalp PT 3

Good morning traders,

My first alt trade in a while.

First up is XRP, we're looking at a bullflag formation on the 30 minute.

Key Notes:

Target 0.0001395
4 hour / Hourly RSI supports move upwards.

Only potential obstacle I see is if BTC decides to decline further.

Good luck and trade safely!

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Trade wurde manuell geschlossen: I've exited my position as I don't like where BTC currently is.
Trade ist aktiv: I've bought into ripple, looking for around my scalp target.
Kommentar: This broke downwards instead of upwards.

No bueno, we're currently at the low so I'm not selling just yet, but I am looking for an exit point from this trade. If I'm around I'll update it, as always, trade safe!
Kommentar: Anyone thats in this, don't despair!

Now, if the triangle breaks down, then you need to exit the trade. I'm still in this down about 5.5% right now, but we're primed for a move upwards.

Trade wurde manuell geschlossen: Triangle breaking down, 6% loss.
How about after it hit at 0.0001395 ...?
ant187 GoldenLe
@GoldenLe, I don't know, I don't gamble, I scalp.
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WOW soooooooo amazing! SPIKE UP HAPPENED!
ant187 joonhyungP
@joonhyungP, Yea, completely stalled soon as BTC started selling off. Just goes to show how risky it is to trade in a corrective environment.

Still valid, if BTC can hold $11,256 range this is going for a ride.
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Good to have you back!
calculation: 13195 / 12233 = about 14% gain potential
Thank you for sharing knowledge! I think one more potential obstacle is it jumped up from 0.00011 to 0.00012 just yesterday, but your idea always right.
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