BTC - Bottom, supports, and buy zones.

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Good morning traders,

I'll keep it simple today, I've highlighted the potential bounce zones, or areas where BTC -11.84% may catch its breath and bounce from.

We're still in a downtrend, and as mentioned previously we've been expecting one more down, this could be the last time to load up on cheap BTC -11.84% , as a result, expect alot of buyers in these zones. With that in mind at any of these points bulls might swoop in.

My buys are currently staggered from the green buyzone from the top, down. The majority of my orders are placed towards the top, with a smaller percentage towards the bottom, just as we lock in our profits and not be greedy, the same goes for our buys.

Key Notes:

While not on here, sell volume is slowing down, so we may see it catch its breath for a bit, but I would anticipate a further selloff throughout the day.

I'll be away from the computer for the day, so I will update as I can. As always trade safe, and don't be greedy.

If you find my ideas helpful, please return the favor and hit the like and follow button, it keeps me motivated to keep charting!
Trade ist aktiv: I've bought in, we should see a ride up towards $11,800 area, depending on resistance at that zone I'll either get out or stay in for a re-test of the downtrend channel.

Key notes:

Double dojis
Upcoming 1hr MACD crossing
RSI oversold

Kommentar: It's breaking down, I'm exiting the trade.
Kommentar: I'm getting multiple PM's, just adjust your buys, it's going down. Might find support around this area, but it may keep going down.

Just observe volume, and buy in the optimal zone.
Kommentar: Next impulse down should be a good buy opportunity, would anticipate a test of 10k, and maybe a pierce into the 9's
Kommentar: Remember, on this push, stagger your buys.

Noone can tell you how far it will go with 100% certainty, make sure your buys fill, but throw some down low and maybe you'll get lucky.
Kommentar: Currently streaming the situation @
Trade ist aktiv: My first major buyzone @ 10,001 has hit.

Let's see what happens today.
Kommentar: I've now bought fully in, while entirely possible, I don't see us dropping much farther, while the bulls are still extremely weak, I think we hit the bottom again, and I could definitely eat my words and we could definitely go lower.

At the end of the day I increased my position by a third, off this, and I find that greed does not suit me well.

I'm now beginning to look at alts and will post charts as I encounter opportunities.
Kommentar: Nailed that one eh?

Sometimes I even amaze myself!
Kommentar: We want $11,256 to start acting as a support. Once that happens, the alarm can turn off, the all clear sound can ring, and we can trade freely for a couple days.

As always, just my opinion, and not financial advice blah blah blah, do your own research, seeing a large increase of people just taking my calls, I know when to exit trades, and if your buying off my calls and I don't update (I've got 3 charts going, while @ work in and out of meetings) your gonna get burned.

Just use this as advice where I see stuff going, but at the end of the day, your own money management and risk tolerance is on you.
Trade wurde manuell geschlossen: I've exited my position as I don't like where BTC currently is.
Kommentar: Currently streaming the situation @
Kommentar: I anticipate the new hard support will be @ 10k, we may get piercings into mid 9's tonight. I'll be buying in the yellow zone. There is also a possibility that we may bounce and re-test $11,256 before a new low, although, it's a longer possibility.

I discussed my reasons for each scenario on stream tonight and I'm going to bed so I won't get into it.

I've staggered my buys in the yellow zone, and if they hit, wonderful! If by some chance we break up above $11,256 over night, I'll evaluate it in the morning and I'll post an update regardless.

As always, trade safe and wisely!

Not a bad days work though, eh?
ant187 RamMasterFlash
@RamMasterFlash, Yea it was a good day, close to 10% in a bear market, not too shabby ;)
I changed my buy order from 10k to 9.8 last night fml
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ant187 Nicklauz
@Nicklauz, You'll get another chance, just a matter if it's today, or few days from now. We shall see, I'm still in, waiting to see how it handles this sell off.
Nicklauz ant187
@ant187, thanks for replying. I think I am holding out for the futures to expire - there's no way CME have longed BTC IMO. And I keep screwing up my trades, so I'm going to stay in tether for a while I think
ant187 Nicklauz
@Nicklauz, Nothing wrong with that, as I mentioned, if this breaks down I'll be exiting, if not, I plan on exiting Wednesday/Thursday regardless to see what happens.
Nicklauz ant187
@ant187, How do you generally plan your exits/know when a support is sufficiently broken?
ant187 Nicklauz
@Nicklauz, Too long to explain here, remind me on stream
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Nicklauz ant187
@ant187, Sweet bro. You streaming today?
ant187 Nicklauz
@Nicklauz, Yea I'll hop on tonight, I gotta view a house then I should be on.
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