WTW Pullback trade

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Hi Guys,

this week, I believe we will see a pullback on this stock. It just literaly jumped up for over 15$ in the last couple weeks, and I am sure that lots of bulls will take their profits soon. Thats where I am waiting to take a swing, and sell this stock.

Entry requirement for me is the first bearish candle. I am looking at the H4 chart, and wait till I see small red candle. Thats my entry. And as pullbacks usually go 30-60% the way of the initial move, we have good chances for a quick dollar.

My SL (stop loss) will be a little above the last bullish candle, not too far though. The best target would be around 38$ but I dont believe we will make it that far. I will start trailing my stop at something around 43.25$.

Lets see if WTW loses some weight, eh?! =)

Good luck, better trades and heaps of profits!
WTW is just crazy right now, isnt it?
I am patient and wait for the chance to trade the pullback, and then might enter a long position
Well... another day without a strong signal so far. This WTW is driving me nuts. In January I first recognized this one. I think it was around 15-17$ at that time. And now its not giving me a chance to hop on...

Well, lean back, and check this stock once in a while.
Order storniert:
The signals were not strong enough for a short entry. Right now it even seems like the uptrend will continue.

This idea, is closed, since we did not get our entry trigger.

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