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TVC:NI225   NIKKEI 225
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NI225 has been labeled within a Grand Super-Cycle degree wave B (pink), which has been unfolding ever since the Tokyo Stock Bubble back in 1990.

Structure - Flat Formation
1990 bubble peak and down until Apr 2003 bottoms - Super-Cycle (w) (purple)
2003 bottoms up until 2007 tops - Cycle wave a (turquoise)
2007 tops and down until 2008 lows - Cycle wave b (turquoise)
2008 lows and up until present times - Cycle wave C (turquoise), the final leg of Super-Cycle (X) (purple)

Cycle wave C (turquoise)
Pattern - Ending Diagonal
Sequence - 5-Wave Sequence, with Primary Waves 1 2 3 4 5 (green) decomposed as Intermediate (A)(B)(C) (blue)

Current Position
Primary Wave 5 (green)

Next expected swing
Bearish sequence in Intermediate (B) (blue)

Market Crash Forecast
Support granted at or around the 21000.00 mark and then a bull run towards the 27000.00 levels, where Super-Cycle (X) (purple) is expected to complete
Super-Cycle Waves (a)(b)(c) (red) would reflect the next Larger Degree Recession or even a Depression

Structure change:
Breach of the lower trend-line of the Ending Diagonal could reflect the fact that the Market Crash already started.
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