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TVC:DJI   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
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US30 has been labeled within a Grand Super-Cycle degree wave V (blue), which has been unfolding ever since the 2009 bottom, when the Recession ended.

Structure - Bullish Impulse
2009 lows and up until Apr 2010 highs - Super-Cycle (I) (green)
Apr 2010 highs and down July 2010 lows - Super-Cycle (II) (green)
July 2010 lows and all the way up until Oct 2018 extreme - Super-Cycle ( III ) (green)
Oct 2018 extreme and sharp drops until Dec 2018 - Super-Cycle (IV) (green)

Super-Cycle (V) (green)
Pattern - Reversal Motive Wave
Sequence - 5-Wave  Sequence within an Ending Diagonal

Current Position
Cycle Wave I (black)

Next expected swing
Bearish sequence in Cycle Wave II (black)

Market Crash Forecast
Support granted at or around the 25000.00 mark and then a huge rally towards the 28500.00 levels, where Grand Super-Cycle V (blue) is expected to complete.
Super-Cycle Waves (A)(B)(C) (red) would reflect the next Larger Degree Recession.

Structure change
Breach of the 25000.00 levels could lead towards a prolonged corrective structure and a Market Crash already starting.
We --- "Will" --- top between August 1, 2019 to no later than the end of 2020.
"America" --- "U.S.A." --- This "Is Not" a joke.
Fore information only.

"One Eye Jim"
Lionheart-EWA jeffreyjim
@jeffreyjim, Agree, getting ready for the BIG SHORT!
"Very Nice Chart Work" --- Thanks
Lionheart-EWA jeffreyjim
@jeffreyjim, You're welcome, glad you find it useful.
jeffreyjim Lionheart-EWA
Very good chance this is the last 5 Wave move up, from the "Great Recession" low.
(Wave 5 of Wave 5) --- or --- (In Wave One of Wave 5 of Wave 5 up)
Could ? top around 39,000 to 40,000 max. No later than the last day of 2021.
Wave one of 5 up could be over. Wave 2 down in motion.
Could also be in Wave 5 of Wave Three up from "Great Recession" low.
My opinion the two best Wave counts to think about at this time.
Many cycles are due to bottom in 2022 plus or minus one year.
Only time will tell. --- 5-9-2019
Check these stocks out --- EVC --- ESCA --- ECC --- LYG --- GORO --- FCT --- PPR

"Democratic Socialism" in the "U.S.A." --- "SUCKS"
"One Eye Jim"
Lionheart-EWA jeffreyjim
@jeffreyjim, I so much agree with your views on these cycles! So nice to see I'm not the only dreamer out there. Something huge is coming soon, regardless if this is a 3rd or 5th wave of a very large degree. One thing is for sure, the Market will reverse into a proper Bear.
jeffreyjim Lionheart-EWA
@Lionheart-EWA, --- Agree 100% --- U.S.A. lawmakers need to wake up and smell the roses.
Quit trying to take down --- "MR. President Donald Trump" --- and start working for the people.
Mininum Wave Count completed. --- 5 Waves up from "Great Recession" low.
Minimum price target was hit at 26,631.04
If we make new highs ? (My opinion we will before crash starts)
Minimum downside target = .618 retracement from March, 2009 "Great Recession" low to high.
"Great Recession" low could be taken out. --- One other target is the 10,796.00 area.
What ever happens it will be very bad. --- Please "America" do not elect a Democrat for President. (next election)

"Good Luck" --- "America" --- "U.S.A."
Build The "----ing" Wall
"One Eye Jim"
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