Bitcoin Buy Opportunity

The market gives us the local swing high which can be used for placing pending orders for buy. If the price breaks 12000.00 resistance level , SMA100 and moves above this high, it will be a signal confirming trend reversal and further upward movement. Buy orders can be placed at 12300.00 level with stop orders at 10200.00 level. Profit targets are 14000.00 and 17000.00 resistance levels.
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1) he said pending orders 12300. Its your fault if you are such a greedy wannabe whale-bull and you buy below this level,
2) we are still in correction and we are going to 8k and you can start shitting bricks or whatever, deal with it. This was an opportunity for local swing, like a quickie with your wife before going to work, but it just did not happen as you got diarrhea or something.
3) 16.2. is the chinese new year, until this date, dont await for any lambo-moon gangam style bullish run. Deal with it too... just save your money and wait for real low
4) be prepared to 8-5k and then 25k, just dont jump on any, at the first sight, bullish longterm stuff. there are not any yet, this is pure gambling currently, repeat yourself 3) and wait for March

Crypto is mostly about fundaments, DLavrov makes TA, which is also good, but you must follow the confirmations of the trends. I used to follow this, but I do not anymore, because fundamental analysis gives me signals sooner then TAs. So you have to choose, but the least wanted thing here is to blame DLavrov for some of his analysis, which did not went good, its statistics, deal with it #3. It's trading not perpetuum mobile for profits.
martin_f martin_f
@DLavrov even though... tip on hacked.com for Bitcoincash on 2050 was just quite fck-up but still hodling :))
I did advise you man. Now MA 100 is crossing MA 500 on 30 min chart which brings us stronger fall.
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Can you say something about actually situation? @EXCAVO @AAlFadhala @DLavrov
Da_bu PRO HuynhLoc
@HuynhLoc, dont buy. wait for it to drop more
The 14 Ema is about to Cross the 100 EMA on the Daily Chart.This happened 2 times on the chart in the last 5 years, the crash right before the huge bull run, and Mt. Gox crash.
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update please
Can you say something about actually situation?
DrStein przemyslawtrykoszko
@przemyslawtrykoszko, he said "Bitcoin buy opportunity" but now the price dropped, what else does he need to say?
exkuji PRO DrStein
@DrStein, READ what is written : if PASS 12300 if not, then you DO NOT BUY.
People wake up.
Professionals give you free information about market situation and movements and you are still angry on it... Unbelievable "xxx" person you are.
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