The Gigantic BTC (R) Pump Incoming

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dollar
At the moment, we're seeing many negative signs:

  • increased volatility (see the two purple lines)
  • price staying under the 90D EMA & under the .382x of the last rally
  • loads of negative news (or is it rumors?)
  • absolutely no reversal pattern

I originally mentioned 9k one month ago. Now that we appear to be on course to go under that, I'm getting a feeling that a GIGANTIC pump is incoming. Here are some of my reasons:

  • "experts" on TV no longer say "long" and instead start "looking into the long term" --- does it take an expert to predict almost everything will eventually go up in price (e.g. potatoes, cucumbers, & tulips)? yes, I'm sure tulips are now more expensive than in the 17th century.
  • we've only been hearing negative rumors, but nothing has actually happened that'll undermine the future of crypto
  • ETFs have already been listed on Nasdaq
  • money-making is quicker on the way up than down. of course, dumping BTC is to get into cheap alts.

Once again, when you think it's going down, that's when bitcoin will get a gigantic pump & leave you behind.
Jan 23
Kommentar: (R) should come after "PUMP"
Jan 26
Kommentar: Unfortunately, many "experts" here started saying "long" again yesterday. I don't know if they're dumb or dump.


you don't dump btc to get into cheap alts that's false because during btc rally all alt's satoshi value drop after huge btc rally when all alt's satoshi died, that would be the best time to go back into alts.
Good Insight Sir, Thank You! Is there a possible indicator with this scenario - 14100 and again down trend ?
DrJLT RaviNaik
@RaviNaik, yes, of course, but not very likely
the same feeling, just target seems higher - 31000
DrJLT julia17
@julia17, the arrow isn't a target; it's just an arrow :)
julia17 DrJLT
@DrJLT, ok!)
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