BTC biggest pump and dump yet (crash next Monday?)

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dollar
Supposedly, the recent series of rallies are motivated by the launch of future contracts on major options exchanges. Now, trading has begun on CBOE , but what's the volume? At this point it seems to be just a little over 2k: http://cfe.cboe.com/cfe-products/xbt-cbo...

2k in 7 hours on the first day of trading -> probably not going to be much over 5k / day for a long time -> meanwhile, on bitcoin exchanges the volume has been over 800k / day.

Obviously, this is the biggest pump & dump scheme in this market yet. I suspect friends of these exchanges, perhaps including some major banks, have already huge positions on bitcoin . Once they've made enough, there'll be a huge dump.

It's not meaningful to look at the charts for a hugely manipulated asset. I think it'll do exactly the opposite of what you think. Once the market has reached consensus that this is a new paradigm, and that bitcoin will be 1m or 100m -> it'll crash to 1 or 2k.
you keep saying that for two weeks now and bitcoin didn't crash yet :D
i hate bitcoin
Interesting, but don't you think this is possible?

DrJLT Publishablelist
@Publishablelist, yes it is.
Surely it would be a mistake for big institutionals to rush in on the first cycle. They'll wait and see. Maybe do so trials before committing large volume to futures trading.
yes i have come to the conclusion this is all about increasing the liquidity and market cap of bitcoin and crypto as a whole as such six figures next year entirely possible
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