BTC/USD - Further Upside

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dollar
Hello traders,

Here we have BTC/USD on the 1H chart.

BTC/USD had a correction move, after completing a bullish move up to the first target at 19380, which I predicted in my previous analysis and we got the move (See my related ideas for details of this analysis)

After the correction, it appears BTC/USD is ready for a new up move. After price hit a Fibonacci key retracement support level at 18910, price began to show reversal candlesticks . The candlesticks are showing a change of command from the bears to the bulls, and I believe the bulls have captured this move.

I am expecting an up move up to the upside target level of 21000. I achieved this target by calculating the previous bull impulse leg, and then replicating a measure move, thus having a target zone.

I will be updating this analysis if it exceeds 40 likes.
Kommentar: I will be updating this analysis after my latest GBP/USD idea gets some more likes!

Want to make sure there are lots of people online when I update my content, as it takes many hours of my time to create these analysis!
Kommentar: I have posted a brand new BTC/USD trading idea on my TradingView profile page!

See my profile page for my latest BTC/USD analysis!!!
Kommentar: Check my TradingView profile page now for my brand new analysis on BTC/USD !

My new post is an update of this analysis, and shows the ideal areas for a buy opportunity.
Kommentar: I will be posting my realtime buy signal for XRP/USD, if my latest USD/CHF idea post analysis achieves more than 20 likes!

I want to make sure there's a lot of traffic on the site before I post the realtime update. :)
Kommentar: I will be updating this analysis in realtime when my brand new AUD/CHF analysis posted on my TradingView receives more likes !!

I want to make sure there's a lot of traffic online to see my latest BTC/USD update!!
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That was clearly a bear flag and yet you told people to go long. Why? If I don't get a reason, I'll assume the worst.
samiswilf samiswilf
@samiswilf, *bearish rising wedge.
@samiswilf, This was clearly months ago, and we cancelled the idea of this trade as soon as it went below the swing low.

I guess if you fail to troll on other ideas, you have to go to the old ones.

I'll bring the guys over to this comment thread again it's np. :-)
samiswilf TomProTrader
@TomProTrader, maybe I can't see but I don't see where you updated this idea stating it's cancelled. Also I'm still wondering how you made the prediction in the first place. Charts are timeless. It doesn't matter if it was last week or 10 years ago. There's always something to be learned. I just don't see how you didn't see that bearish rising wedge. Did you see it or not? And if you did, why'd you post a prediction that price would rise at the peak of the wedge?
@samiswilf, This is a perfect set up for a basic AABC pattern, which is literally perfect and engages all rules of the pattern.

May I also add, this is LITERALLY the ABC of trading. If you can't see a basic ABC pattern, it would explain you overcompensating your losses with a lot of talk and no successful trades.

Find more information on ABC patterns here:

If you want to learn to trade properly, I offer my trading course.

Contact me for more information:

Best regards,
samiswilf TomProTrader
@TomProTrader, I wouldn't take your course because your response shows you lack basic critical thinking skills. For example, you didn't ask yourself why it couldn't be that I have in fact profited significantly from trading. If you were smart, you'd know the only way you could know whether I've profited or not is if I showed you how much money I've put into trading and how much I have now. Because you claimed to know what you do not know, how can I trust that the claims in your courses are founded on adequate evidence? I can't. You've ruined your credibility.
@samiswilf, I've worked in financial institutions for years, and seen a lot. There's 2 types of traders in our industry:

1: Ones who trade on their own, consult people for tips when they need to. Compliment don't criticize, disagree in silence. Results make them humble not confident.

2: Ones who trade with a certainty of being right, no contingency plan. Emotions over rational logic. Criticize other traders in the trading room when they believe themselves over anything they've heard because they've "invested" so much time into believing they're right. Goes out of their way to criticize others whilst they could be trading.

The people in number 1 and 2 are usually both usually as intelligent as one another in regards to trading and logic.

1: Usually goes on to work under fund management/portfolio strategy as can engage well in a team. Non emotional judgements that can be changed and criticized in a friendly manner in a team makes for a VERY strong portfolio as the team are all in synergy.

2: Due to lack of open mindedness and the will to criticize and burn others because they don't understand something, usually means they always stay as junior traders, and never go any further. They're left as junior traders for a few years due to them thinking they're the best, after 3 years they get frustrated they've not been promoted, and end up trading badly because they think emotionally, eventually, fired.

You are clearly number 2, due to your ability to not see others perspectives, not realizing charts can change very quickly in nature, and that trading isn't about being right every time, it's about a solid consistency. You number 2's will never understand this basic thought process.

The above is around 13 years of culminated financial experience that factually happens in financial institutions that I've seen with my own eyes.

To me you're not a troll, or even right. You're just a number 2.

Have a good day, must be going.

samiswilf TomProTrader
@TomProTrader, You failed to question whether I'm an outlier. Instead you classify and stereotype. This reminds me of a passage a read some time ago in one of my law books:

Stereotyping is the most fundamental category of bias. A stereotype is an attitude set. Psychologists noted many years ago the tendency among people to form overall impressions of other people, or objects, on the basis of a relatively small number of traits. Thus, jurors often have attitude sets in place which they use to form overall impressions in this way. Usually, these impressions are negative. Stereotyped attitude sets, for example, may involve the attribution of negative traits to people simply because they are members of a certain group. Ethnic stereotyping, of course, is one of the best known and most investigated phenomena in American social science.
Stereotypic thinking grows out of the psychological phenomenon called “closure.” Closure is one of the ways jurors employ naïve causal schemata and make attributions. Closure works very simply. A few pieces of information become available – Turk, corporate employee, immigrant – and the attitude set “closes the design,” or “completes the picture.” The rest of the traits are filled in.
Jury Trials The Psychology of Winning Strategy, Page 85
takiptesin Tom:)))
Tom, hello i cant find your newst BTC chart...
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