Why market is falling ?!!!

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The rich people have always wanted to evade taxes and legal questions. several countries have been protecting their money from taxes and securing their banking secrecy . greece had banks of this kind and the rich people went to greece to put their money. but with the passing of new international laws and sanctions ,these banks are closing one by one and now we see a very big crisis in greece , an economic crisis because of the closure of banks. the rich people has moved to switzerland. now we hear that new new laws have been imposed. in usa there are few banks that protect money from taxes, this is the war of rich people and usa govermnt, when we see the cryptomarket fall like this, we conclude that there is another place where the money went , or the banks several months ago, decide to enter market too raise the price of coins, and now they withdraw the money, giving the world a bad idea and insecurity for digital coins. and confidence for the currency, no one wants to enter this market , the goal is to make the people scared, they want to trapping money, in the end the money is return to usa govermnt.
Kommentar: Total Market Cap: $283,029,943,735 today, market was more than 700 billion, where is the 500 billion rest ??!!!
Kommentar: So will the Phoenix currency, (which the Economist forecast in 1988 would rise in 2018), be a Crypto$. Or will it be gold backed trading in Yuan and Ruble. Or will it be the Bitcoin mania going to $1million? We don’t know of course. But what we do know is that 2018 is likely to contain many surprises on the currency front with massive volatility not only in currencies but also in most other markets.

What we also know is that although cryptos can go a lot higher before they collapse, they offer no protection for investors seeking wealth preservation. Very few of the holders of the current $588 billion in cryptos will be able to get out before these reach zero. Greed is one of the 7 deadly sins and it always punishes mania investors.

Gold will continue to be the only currency to survive in history just as it has for almost 5,000 years. Physical gold and silver is the ultimate form of wealth preservation as well as insurance against the economic and financial calamities that the world will experience in coming years.

Whether there will be a new world currency in 2018 or not is irrelevant since all fiat currencies always fail. Gold and silver are today as unloved and undervalued as they were in 2000. It is very likely that the precious metals cycle bottomed in December for the third year running. Importantly every bottom has been higher. At $1265 we are today $220 above the Dec 2015 and $130 above the Dec 2016 bottoms.

A new currency would only be a temporary phenomenon whilst gold will continue to be the only constant money in history. The very strong up-move of gold and silver in 2018 will take the investment world by surprise. Investors must pay heed and not be left behind.
I think you are getting a bit muddled up about what happened in Greece. The cause of Greece's problems had nothing to do with Banks. It had to do with Government policies. Greece for nearly two decades had lived on borrowed money. They had a law which said retire at 50 yrs of age and get Government pension. Greece workers always had two prices for everything. One if which demanded a receipt was higher and one which if just straight cash was lower and was not declared as income for tax purposes. The Cash economy. The problem was people avoiding tax and the Govt having too much debt and not being able to repay the debt. It nearly went bankrupt. The EEC eventually agreed to lend them some more money in exchange for Greece Govt to clean up it's act and make things tougher. Every country in the world will very soon - next few years - have this problem. Too much debt. Much higher payments for health, welfare, aging population not working so no taxes. In effect increasing expenses and lowering income. Eventually Bond investors will say we're not lending any more money and then watch the crash. Govts will find it difficult to stop spending because that will lead to riots in the street from people who expect Govt handouts all the time. That is what happened in Greece. I agree to some extent re Gold. Gold, paper currency and crypto coins are the only form of true money. They offer no yield and retain value based on trust. Everything else is a risk based asset. Historically, gold has been the most popular because no cryptos were around and in war time, the conqueror changed the fiat currency and devaluation ruined the trusted value of paper currency. Provided the infrastructure for exchanging cryptos remains, I see no reason why that will not act in the same way as gold in the future.
Re the $500B - you keep asking about where this went? That figure represents the lost perceived value. Think of an example like a house. If I buy a house at $500,000 and then I wish to sell it, but the best offer I get is $400,000, what happened to the $100,000? Nothing, The $100,000 extra I paid for it went to the person I bought it from. With recent crypto movements, it was just the owners of the coins eg Banks or whales or just tens of thousands of individual investors who decided to sell in early January. The issue is understanding a bubble and when prices start to fall as a result of more selling than buying, then fear sets in and noobies sell taking a loss. The Banks never started the price falls that have occurred in 2014, 2015, 2016 etc.That is simply the way the market works. And it works like that in all asset based markets. You are saying it was the Banks. Where is your evidence? Some Banks may have been involved. Sure. But no one knows.
You mention about tax avoidance. Well sure there has always been a few countries (about 6) that have promised to keep their clients details secret. Never any in USA. Mainly Bahamas, Switzerland, Isle of Mann and a couple of others. These were bought into line early 2000's after 9/11 and the world's desire to stop the funding of terrorism. Not some conspiracy by the USA govt.
Lastly, there has been no gold backed currency since the early 1970's. USA stopped that in 1971. And even when there was gold backed currencies, there was never any more than 20-25% of the value of money in circulation held in gold reserves. And the reason china spent 5 years buying gold during the mid 2000's was to try and back up it's currencies so it wouldn't devalue it's currency by printing so much money and spending it in infrastructure. Problem is China now has too much debt, growth has fallen and will continue to fall, has a property bubble it cannot afford to burst and it will take a decade or more for domestic demand to replace the Government stimulus. This scenario applies to most countries around the world all created since GFC in 2008.
It creates a real problem and no one knows how to deal with it. Can't lower interest rates anymore. Printing money didn't fix it. Waiting for GDP to increase via natural growth isn't working and all the time higher demand on welfare, health, education and baby boomers retiring so not paying taxes and how will Govts meet those demands while borrowing more, repaying interest only etc? They can't. So there will be a crash and I believe worse than the Great Depression. We have lived too well on borrowed money for too long.
Govts are scared to even start to increasing prime rates. We saw what happened to the S & P and Dow the other day on rumors that the Fed may increase rates. Biggest one day fall in decades. This always happens . Stock prices fall on rising interest rates. Stock prices fall on rising long term bond rates. How this will pan out I do not know as we are all in uncharted territory due to the massive debt level this time. Something the world has never experienced before to this degree. Govts follow Keynes, but Keynesian theory has failed on so many occasions and will again. Read it for yourself.
Anyway, just my theory but as someone who has been in this game and is widely read over my 68 years I can see history repeating itself. I remember the 1987 crash and the Tech Boom and know what caused the 2008 GFC and lost money invested in Japan in 1990 when after two decades of growth, they had their property crash. Guess what, after two decades it still hasn't recovered either! Argentina has never recovered since it went bankrupt. I do not believe Govts and monetary advisers have anything left in their arsenal this time.
OK, I'll shut up ... lol. Do your own investigation. We nearly at the end of the road.
That was the fact you said , Which scenario is the money go back to market again?
shiva8 student842280
@student842280, we will wait some new rules new system to put money and withdraw , who have the system in hand he must to create this to return trust to digital , the question is where the billions goes ??
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@shiva8, The billions went p in smoke! Thosands of new investors who jumped into the market in Dec and Jan now scared and selling out with losses. Most bulls now sitting in Cash watching. They've made their money. No need to trade. Wait ntil volumes are at their all time lowest. That's the bottom.
shiva8 PConnolly
@PConnolly, if there is a lot sitting in cash watching, where is the cash ? in banks? 90$ of platforms dont trade usd , and if the money are in banks its mean the banks is the winners , and there is a contradiction , bitcoin create to fight banks and usd .
what we see now is intervention of banks in this market , only the banks can do a big investments and makes coins raise like what we saw . there is a example: if didnt grow up , will never get smaller. they want prices to go up very fast to eliminate digital coins. its a big war .
Usdt is a perfect asset to transfer billions in and out of the cryptomarket.
shiva8 RensBruin
@RensBruin, yes , Total Market Cap: $283,029,943,735 today, before months ago hewas more than 600 billion right ?? there is more than 300 billions disappeared
@shiva8, If what you say is correct then why are Banks using cryptos? There are over 100 financial institutions sing XRP for example. They cannot be trying to kill off cryptos by supporting them through using them. And these are not small financial institutions either.
Secondly, the Cash doesn't have to be sitting in Banks. At least not all of it. There are exchanges where one can hold Cash without holding it in crypto eg BTCMarkets and I assume there are may be others as well. And Yes I know that may not be as secure, but that is a different issue. People can hold Cash in exchanges waiting. Why? Because they either can't get it out (if Chinese) or it allows them to buy and sell via a much quicker transaction than transferring from a Bank account to an exchange first.
And whales can do huge amounts of interference in the market with huge investments. Not only Banks.
I go back to my original point in previous post. With the number of people selling at the moment, you cannot tell me they all bought before massive price rises beginning Oct/Nov 2017. The billions that have gone up in smoke have in reality gone to those who pumped IN Nov/Dec and dumped in Jan. Not Banks. Investors. The thing to remember is that Banks want to make money as well. And they invest in all sorts of things. So if they see a chance for a new market that offers good returns and that market is legal, they will get involved. What do you think happened that caused the GFC? Buying and investing in CDO's that had no value! I do not believe they have an incentive to kill off that new market. Only Governments have that incentive because of illegalities, a duty of care imposed on them via regulation, not being able to track transactions and tax etc.
shiva8 PConnolly
@PConnolly, i know that we can hold cash in platform, but the money is already in banks , we put money in banks thank we send money to some sites to buy coins, its mean the money is already in banks from the first step. banks wants to control cryptos , and they control it buy big support and big invest , example: if i have 5 millions dollar , and i want to buy coins, i cant send request to buy in with 5 millions because bank will not accept this very fast. only banks can do this fast millions. the question is : why the market get down ? . another answear is : the big owners of coins they agreed together and made plans , making a very big supply against demand , this can make coins get down very easy , than buy again in double money .
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