Ripple - The "Cryptocurrency" With a Huge Potential.

BITFINEX:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar

I am back with yet another Idea.
This time, again on XRP, I tried this time, to make it really simple.

XRP is my favorite Crypto.
It has a real product that is being used and works quite well.
Do I have to say anything more?

Tons of good news, tons of partnerships, I believe in a big pump after Chinese new Year, as they have 44% share on Volume last 24hours.

1D Rsi is low, Macd is curving upwards, we are way green under Fibb.
Even the pennant looks good, seems like gonna break soon, but wait for the Volume confirmation.

Sell 1 - 1,37 /37%
Sell 2 - 1,56 /55%
Gamble sell - 1,74 / 75%

After this price movement up, followed by correction, I am definitely buying again.

If you agree leave a me thumb up, if not, I would love to know your opinion down in comments.
If this chart gets a little attention I will update.

Trade ist aktiv

Clear support and ressitance, I like that!
We have already 15% up!

So the thing is, Korea and China have the most volume on XRP, but today and one more week there is a Lunar New Year which means less Volume in XRP. I believe in a pump after this is over.
Kommentar: It looks like from our pennats its came up to Ascending triangle, Nice.

small Cup and handle that should take us back to 1$.
I really hope for some bullrun on XRP ! Entered at 2$ though, so the distance is quite long before I go positive again
@Arketyx, Me too man, If we see a bullrun, 2$ will be pretty quick.
@bingbang, Sure thing man.
bingbang TiborVrbovsky
@TiborVrbovsky, thanks
XRP has been very tight to BTC, does it means that BTC need to jump about 50 percents so XRP can go to 1,5 USD ?
@neroxin, Almost every Alt is holding tight to BTC, but XRP is trying to detach from btc movement as it has really high market cap. But right now not necessary yes, but kind of yes :D, hope you understand. Its not like a btc will make 50% and XRP will follow 50%. No Xrp can make 100% while Btc just 40%.
DanielLt neroxin
@neroxin, Looking at the performance so far... if BTC jumps 50% , ripple will jump less than 30%, XRP is now at the same price it was 5 days ago... check all the other coins for the same period and take your conclusion.
Hi thanks for sharing. When do we have to enter ?
@bulent76, Hey, sure no problem. Its up to you, buy right now at low RSI as It looks like its breaking out.. Its up to you. I already bought.
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