XRPUSD Ripple - Correction done, Bullish Continuation - 14$ 100$

Finally Guys,

Price gave us the same Correction in % like it did in 2017. The last analysis showed us that the market made the same movements but not the same %. Now the price also gave us the Correction. This shows me that Ripple follows these Correction and Impulsive exactly like it did in the past. From my point of view we will really go up now crazy.

This low price was necessary in order to ensure extreme prices. This Demand Zone is an institutional level. Big Investors use it in order to buy more Ripple. They are using the current fear in the market so that they can fill their orders and buy more Ripple. Do not use emotions in this business otherwise you will only lose money.

Now I expect Ripple to go up till 10-14$ which is the next target for Ripple. I am super excited, I hope you are also excited.

Share your thoughts here ;)
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what will we see at the end of 2021 ? 100$ ? what do you think ?
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DariusFxTrading mohammadp4545
@mohammadp4545, I explained this multiple times. Everything will be decided in the way how price is going to deliver structure. I follow my pump theory but important for us is to see how price will achieve 14$ and how he will do it
bafeitelufei DariusFxTrading
@DariusFxTrading, 2022-1 60-100USD
VIDAL01MX DariusFxTrading
@DariusFxTrading, very nice, I wish it were true, but no, even XRP should fall even more. The correction has not finished as you mention here
@mohammadp4545 man y’all have lost your minds if you think XRP touches above $2 in the next 3 years. I hate to say it but it’s about to be a bear market like 2017
aquario7s dswood2
@dswood2, You must have a mental disability. Sorry for your loss. Don't be chasing those green candles past $2.00. Like you said, it's never getting there.
@dswood2 lol, you smoking some bad shit 😂
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aquario7s mohammadp4545
@mohammadp4545, No, $10-$11, high end if it breaks past that $55-$65. This would be ridiculous if it hit the higher ranges.
in 10 years, we may see 14$ target , realistically speaking. Stop giving false hope to your followers.