XRPUSD potential +30% again in this week


Hello traders, Here I have checked the Day chart!

The price has had a correction move, after a long time bull,

I predicted in my previous analysis and we got the price


After the short correction,

the price is ready for a new up wave
Trade ist aktiv: We have catch 40% in the 2 days in 2018 first
Kommentar: 10%+
Kommentar: New Support Level 2.62
Kommentar: Running Steady
Kommentar: 3.00 hit
Kommentar: 3.2 hit
Kommentar: new signals
It looks its just rising? No drop?
sell or keep
@khaleef, i sold. I think it will go down to 2.85 - 2.91 then back up again @3.8
Selling time or keep on the rally?
Seems we are ahead of schedule... do you still think it will max at 3.20 and correct down to 2.50?
i hope we reach over 3.0 usd before its time to sleep. its 0036 here in BKK now :)
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I finished half of the trade when it first went to 2.5. I thought it can return to around 2.24 and plan to pick it again, but it finally return back to 2.3 and bonce back to 2.5 after I wake up..In this case how to deal it? I find no clue about 2.3, why it bounced back from 2.3?
What do you think about the current price? should be expect a retracent or it will keep raising to 2.81 ?
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HJQI CrlsMachado
@CrlsMachado, 2.2 is good entry
@HJQI, i guess every price is good for buying lol
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