Ripple Correction Wave-B Long

We see bullish pressure in the XRPBTC pair. Chart data shows we could be looking at a corrective wave-B to revisit or at least kiss the max fibo. This would make sense, as the XRPUSD chart is showing that we may be gearing up for a structural wave 5 that might take Ripple to new all-time highs against the USD. The reason the latter is possible, despite the impairments (falling below wave 1 support) within this XRPBTC pair, is that BTCUSD is set for a structural wave 5.
Kommentar: Look how stable we are here:
Kommentar: Keeping above the sub-key fibo level here....hmmmm
Do you think its gonna move up soon? whats your opinion about the time frame?
ErikFertsman PaulSimmons
@PaulSimmons, chart data looks like the decision point is just about October 1st. I can see it dipping to the major trend line, shake out weak hands, and then break out to the upside.
Looking at the boillinger bans/MACD/SAR. It seems we are almost the same as March 22. This is some great consolidation, I am sure these buyers are also playing into this he whole China news which helped pushed a overly bought crypto market to bear market. I see xrp is strengthening, this ain't the old Ripple company selling 0.01 xrp anymore. They've been signing deals while over crypto companies play the pump and dump game. Ripple plays with banks and institutions. I've been reading almost all articles regarding ripple. Xrp seems like it's going to be favoring the bull. Who knows, we might get a quick dip first to shake out weak knees. I would buy a lot if price goes to .15. Right now for xrp is not the time to sit and watch. Price will begin to move once banks and isntutions adjust themselves into using the ripple system, then next and final stop, using ripple xrp pairing.
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ErikFertsman unitednoobies
@unitednoobies, XRP has for sure stabalized, but only within the cryptoverse. Against the dollar we could see a total collapse, keep that in mind :) If you are holding, pay close attention to the major support in the XRPUSD chart. GLWT.
Looks like volume is falling.
tks, but i think it's so difficult to reach sp alike u draw
ErikFertsman nguyensinhnguyen
@nguyensinhnguyen, thanks for the comment. Can you show any technical reason why?
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