Ripple - Due for Another Rip?

BITFINEX:XRPBTC   Ripple / Bitcoin
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Haha. Another RIP. See what I did there?

I admittedly don't know that much about Ripple. I know I stopped being closed minded towards it due to a combination of Tiffany Hayden on Twitter and SBI picking it up alongside Bitcoin Cash .

When I used Gatehub, I really liked their UX. The pump is real, and that's life. It even recovered well after dumping during Bitcoin market correction night. Looking at it on the 12H+ chart, it just looks like a normal flagging pattern.

I have some reservations on the safety of this call all things considered, and it's not out of the question that Bitcoin actually continues correction, so stop is relatively tight.

However, if Ripple can break upwards it looks like it should be in for a hell of a run to 120k sats .

Let's see what it can do.

Someone bought 970,000,000 Ripple a week or two ago. Between that and SBI , I have to concede that the money coming into Ripple shows genuine demand for this technology from the market.

Long: ~70k Sats 50%
Long: ~75k Sats 50%
Target: ~124k Sats
Stop: ~59k Sats

Risk/Reward: 5:52

This trade may be a longer-term target.
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Kommentar: Bitcorn going on a moon mission as soon as I posted this may interfere with the short-term prospects of playing Ripple...

And every other coin lol.
Kommentar: Ripple showing more pump than other coins on the market right now.

Recovering nicely on the BTC pair after the fake BTC bullishness.
Kommentar: RIpple got sold off and is now re-testing the previous high. Not sure if it's going to double top here or just form a "cup and handle" style pattern before breaking upwards.

Still looking good though. Trend is up and the coin is still looking and acting bullish.

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Kommentar: Grats to readers on this trade. Sitting about 15% in profit right now.

Ripple slams into the 1.618 fib but if it can break that, the sky is wide open to our target...

Kommentar: Looking at things on the 6H we can see that RIpple is actually looking great to take a real run to ~120k sats

Be weary though of BTC market correction. It will affect this run. I'd recommend taking profits around the 95-100k sats area for this reason.

Don't forget to trade this coin on Binance in my signature below. Fees are 0.05% instead of 0.25% and that benefits your profitability tremendously.
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht:

Price hit 135k sats on Binance (signature below). Bittrex sucks and is always lagging behind.

Be weary of distribution at these levels.

Grats to all traders on this trade! If you benefitted from this call, all tips are greatly appreciated. Please use the tip function on my Yours.org page blog below.

They take 10 different cryptos and it goes straight to my wallet.

Best wishes, Ripple traders.
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IOTA ready for the next ehh RIOT higher?? :-)
Ripple goes as a rocket.
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Mission Control.. We're ready for 120k sats.
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