Counterparty and the mickey fractal. A "LONG" lovestory.

As I would prefer to keep this description box clean, and let my fellow traders figure it out themselves I will keep it short but powerful (dutch expression, lol).
To be seen in the chart; a massive "mickey fractal" to which I will share a link in the appendix that refers to this magical fractal that is to be spotted frequently in cryptocurrency. Charts become wisdom when specific mighty fractals are spotted- this is one of them. Counterparty has been accumulating for years which can be seen in my previous XCP chart, and now- on weekly/monthly basis a breakout is very near; perfect in line with the massive altcoin breakouts that WILL be happening STARTING this/next week. Bear in mind, this is a logarithmic chart- VERY rapid huge movements will occur. As I would say;

Anticipate the movement,
The end is near.

When bulls remain bulls and bears become bulls,
Pull the trigger or all shall lose.

Be careful, be long, but not too long.
Kind regards,
Gabriel Molenkamp


Mickey fractal comparisons;

PS: This is my trade, and is not meant as advice.
Kommentar: Very very soon ;)
Kommentar: The big candles should be occurring very soon.

Waiting for this move eagerly. IMO it's bound to happen, XCP has been seriously undervalued for long now when you compare to other cryptos.

Can I ask what is the official name for the "Mickey fractal"? I tried to google it to no avail.
do you remember this ?
@ffs, I do, so?
@ffs, what do you mean by this
you still confident in this? its gettiing dumped like crazy, supply is very low but float seems unlimited and the dumpage infinite

it feels something is wrong with it
cryptoniac90 snoopy123
@snoopy123, I see no dump at all, what are u talking about?
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How do you explain the small pumps and then immediately it goes back to the previous range? is that normal behavior? it looks like its suppressed. How does this work? is there some group behind it that control the whole market and decide when to let it run or not? but if thats the case, they are giving traders the opportunity to load up very cheaply... you could have easily scooped 10K xcp at these prices or 30k and thats 1% of the supply.

What do you make of it?

It's one of my favorite coin too and I've been watching it for the past 6 months and its behaviour is very erratic; lately it looks like there was a bot buying and then putting what it bought on the ask side and pushing it down.

How do they make money of this? they had pushed the price to 9 and did they load up? or did they dump? but if they dump they needed to buy back...

If you can explain to me a bit the MO i'd really appreciate it.
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Very nice and clear chart. Your chart points the first days of 2018, 120-200$ per XCP is this correct? What is your exit target and timeframe? Thank you.
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