Walton (WTC) Is This The Top? (Binance coin)

BINANCE:WTCBTC   Walton / Bitcoin
Walton ( WTC ) Chart Analysis

The daily chart looks pretty good but WTC might be running out of steam. This coin is #39 in the Top100 cryptocurrencies by market cap. A very strong coin.

Walton ( WTC ) reached a new all time high yesterday on Binance @ 0.00345. After reaching a new all time high we normally retrace. Let's see what the charts have to say.

>>> Analysis

- Today's candles looks like a classic retrace. To know if this will be just a small retrace or a correction we will need more time.

- The indicators are on the bullish zone but turning bearish (curving down), which is an indication of loss of momentum. This is true for the MACD , RSI , STOCH , DMI & OBV.

- On the shorter time-frames, 1h, 2h and 4h charts, the retrace is already underway, but it doesn't look like a correction, so far it looks like a retrace with a support found, where we can accumulate for another run up (another test of the last all time high). This of course can change anytime as this information is based on 1-4 hours candles, so these signals vary very often.

- The weekly chart is bullish , but the candles are telling me that some consolidation is needed. Not enough information for the indicators but things are good overall.

>>> Notes for trading WTC

If I was looking at this coin from the sidelines, I would wait to see when a strong support is found. You can look for this on the 4hours chart or any chart you enjoy for a period of several days.

If I were already in this coin, I would be selling good portions of my stack, specially depending on my buy in price. With a 500% increase in the last 20 days, a retrace is something completely normal and even expected.

Use this information to your advantage. This chart is young, right now anything is possible, so trade at your own risk.

Thanks for reading.


P.S. I hope you enjoy this trade idea.
Kommentar: Daily chart with EMA 30 & 90.

Trade wurde manuell geschlossen: I really hope you enjoyed.
This post won't be updated as I won't be in front of my computer for a few days.

Thanks for your continued support.

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Alan, is today break out a start of a new rally or just a pump after the FUD from the last week?
Could you review this one please?
Please update if possible
great work! following
i see a cup and handle
what do you think >?
Thanks for sharing Master
AndersBitcoinSorensen AndersBitcoinSorensen
@AndersBitcoinSorensen, Sharing your insight to this scenario
@alanmasters Where do you believe the retracement level will be? (0.0293,0.0269,0.02431)
bryanray domenicod
@domenicod, .618 retracement is at .0024128
This has been good to me. Happy I got in when I did, even though it was at $9
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VeChain is a competitor to Walton and did even better, reaching #15, though now retracing as well
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