from the analysis we can see that its creating smaller waves but in Elliot waves format and in the upcoming days/weeks we can see huge moves in TRX .
Plus with news that Piewo integration is success from Justin will hopefully push the price higher this week.
Trade ist aktiv
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: Target have been reached guys.. will provie a new graph soon.. Do follow and like for latest update.. Thank You
Target have been reached guys.. will provie a new graph soon.. Do follow and like for latest update.. Thank You
Who would have thought this would be conservative huh? haha well done
So prediction?targets?
The bigger trend always is stronger..... we have completed fuck you pattern, BULLISH...... inside the fuck you pattern we have giant bull flag starting at 2000 satoshis and double bottoming at 382 BULLISH..... we completed a descending triangle which popped our abc correction..... finally finishing into what your showing!!!... I believe if you connect the giant bull flag it will give you more clarity. We didn't break the giant bull flag yet but we did break your flag!!
@savenido, giant bullflag. aha
savenido MoneyRight
@MoneyRight, check my chart we broke out of giant bull flag at this point waiting on another green candle for validation
lol I love it altho I have been charting elliott on Trx for a while its to manipulated to follow trend. Whales don't care about elliott wave.
savenido abardini
@abardini, Ive been doing this for so long I don't see any manipulation I see a BEAUTIFUL HEALTHY BEAST that went up 10x in 3 weeks and needed some time to allow 200 day to catch up. WE ARE GOING TO 70 CENTS conservatively I can give you an exact date wen we see if we are going up to form another cup and handle under all time high to than swing down to reposition heavy and from there breaks out into wave 2 clear 40 cents.... immediate break out in wave 3 cup and handle taking us to 70 cents very conservatively and not including coin burn or bitcoin increase
abardini savenido
@savenido, im aware of the major wave 3 we are heading into but its qay overdue
savenido abardini
@abardini, We actually are in wave 2 of 3 on an overall bull year. the 1st 3 wave move took us to 32 cents. abc correction..... second 3 wave move up which we have 2 possibilities... most likely possibility is on my TRXBTC chart.... first chart with the fundamental analysis. It would be ideal if we went up to 20 to 25 cents down to 7 cents back up to clear all time high instead of the straight jump to all time high no real massive sell off. I believe we will have a sell off of weak hands which will be IDEAL for long term traders that will be able to 4x there position. Either way we are going to end up at the same place. I'm excited!!
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