TP .000045 Until further notice....

The measured move i believe in. Its my roadmap.
At any rate . we will see retrace at the 423. Then look to reload at the 161.8 and/or 100
Lets see..
Kommentar: Found Support at 50 retr fib
sory, i dont understand what you mean with "we will see retrace at the 423. Then look to reload at the 161.8 and/or 100 " can you explain it? i'm newbie, still have to learn hard about crypto world
geojoe parisian788
I leave this Fib Retracement on my chart. Watch how it will bounce between the lines. It has come down to the .618 and is currently riding it, so I'm going to treat this as a good support line.

If it goes any lower than the 50, and with no volume I'll prob exit the trade. I'm hoping for some volume or good news.

To answer your question about 423... When I see a Fib ext bull trend finally touch the 423 line I exit or reverse my position.

The absolute best way to learn to draw fibs is this way, imo of course. Have fun
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