RDDBTC 70% profit buy Opportunity

BITTREX:RDDBTC   ReddCoin / Bitcoin
RDD This coin alerady showen a strong breakout after reaching the bottom but it is still good to get in
3-500 weeks for this trade to develop.

Diversify and invest only money that you can afford to lose.
With that said... Now, let's see how can we do .....

LET US say that we can buy at the bottoms for the short term trade

buy at 0.00000100/0.00000110
and put stop loss at 0.00000083

we have the first traget wich is
1*) 0.00000137
2*) 0.00000175
3*) 0.00000190

have a good trade ... wait for updates
please suppourt me with a like and click follow
Kommentar: for short term traders ..
remember to set up stop loss... this coin can go down meany times before go up
Trade ist aktiv: becouse of uptrend move of btc we went to 80s price for this position it is good point to get in ...
we are heading to our first target
set you stop loss at 71s

good luck
Trade ist aktiv: we are moving up have good luck
Kommentar: we hit the 0.00000094 good job keeping move
Kommentar: NICELY DONE ... WE ARE AT 103 SATS
Kommentar: RDD stil a good coin all what we need is to wait ... it is still looks strong
remember to rebuy at the bottom every time this coin drop
this coin is in trading range at 71 & 103 sats
Trade geschlossen: Stop wurde erreicht: RDD IS NOT IN GOOD SITUATION NOW ... IT IS NOT TO BE TRUST FOR NOW
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: we hit the first target ... aiming to the second
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: second target reached ..
Any more tip on current uptrend? @alanmasters
you do mistake many times i am fried to follow you next time
very respect i lost in xvg i dont know when is going up again and just like redd what yo thing about redd is gust like same lke xvg ??
MuhammadKarzoun alishah1950
@alishah1950, every body can make msitake but we all saw how much strong it was and was giving good saignals ... but today indicators are telling me something else .. i didn't say sell i said can not be trust in the short term
MuhammadKarzoun MuhammadKarzoun
i bougt at 103 but didnt lose becouse i sold and bougt many times in bottoms and the tops
alishah1950 MuhammadKarzoun
@MuhammadKarzoun, when you conform then you post it is better for us otherwise we lost every thing in this planet
MuhammadKarzoun MuhammadKarzoun
@MuhammadKarzoun, i didn't say sell i said can not be trust in the short term ..... remember ???
UPD<TE PLEASE sir redd still not going
sir redd still not going
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