Qtum Bullish Divergence

BITTREX:QTUMETH   Qtum / Ethereum
The trading idea is based on a bullish divergence which gives a trend reversal signal. MACD lines support upward movement. Pending orders for buy should be placed at 0.046000 level with stop orders at 0.036000 level. Profit targets are 0.060000 and 0.080000 resistance levels.
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what about?
hi; qtum is at 0.39...if i put 0.36 stop loss, i am afraid it will trigger it and bounce up. what are your thoughts please.
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AmirKazemi AmirKazemi
@AmirKazemi, so, I didnt put a stop loss in. I have 12.65 QTUM at $55USD (bought at .039 ETH. What in USD are we looking for. I guess $84, which would give us 1.5X return. Thank you DLavrov for this trading idea.
soheild AmirKazemi
@AmirKazemi, I would say as this coin has long term potential anyway, I would go without and just ride it as a hodl rather than sell at a loss. (Disclaimer: I haven't bought any yet)
soheild soheild
@soheild, I infer trade ideas on quality long term coins must mean its a good entry point, is that wrong?
nginx soheild
@soheild, Not necessarily. You can enter a trade near ATH as well if you can you can profit short term but it doesn't mean it's a good entry for long term HODL. I use different methodology for trading and investing. When investing, I look to enter when a coin has bottomed out and has found strong support with very little volume. For trading, I look to enter on breaks of resistance with good volume irrespective of whether it's near ATH or at the bottom.
soheild nginx
@nginx, thanks!
@nginx, nice
Can anyone explain what happened to DBC DeepBrain Chain. It's got wrecked . I was up a lot and crazy dumps pull its pants down sever times a day. It's a bad sign for all cryptos when whale teams work together.
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flywithme quantum.vapour
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