Bitcoin kindly offering us discounts on alts - NEO

Not many NEO posts here. Works pretty much the same for all promising cat. A alts (cat. A being the top 10 or top 25), ETH NEO are the ones I can think of first.
If you are looking at coins prices around a few dollars or less, watch out they are the noob coins (XRP TRX             ) and might be overpriced!
Not saying ADA             XLM             are bad, not even Tron             , but the dumb money has inflated their price so much ( TRX             XRP), never really know when they're overpriced or not.

This has the very approximate levels I'm looking at on NEO should Bitcoin             fall to 6k or below (the possibility is here).
Thanks to Bitcoin             we can get it cheap, same with ETH and LTC. I do not really know if LTC has a bright future, but in the short term you can be looking at very high returns.

I personally like NEO, my first crypto buy at 35$ 2 months ago and it went up to 80+ in a few days.
Plus it's awesome it works it's an actual product that is being used, just like ETH, an it provides bigger results in the long term, if you are looking at short term gains, no problem NEO ALSO provides better results in the short term.
I'll be buying some (some!) at all my green levels. It's not going to fall to 10$ or I'll be very worried tbh. If by miracle I get an even bigger discount on it than 90 or 60$, hurray!

I'll zoom in when we get there.
If Bitcoin             doesn't fall, I'll have spent 5 minutes grossly drawing boxes big deal.

Friendly reminded to not go all in and have a risk management plan.
If you go all in with no stop loss you are an idiot, and in that case then it's not really an issue since your money is better placed in someone's else hands.
Kommentar: Title: best case scenario. Dreaming a bit here...
But if this happens I sure as hell won't miss it!
Kommentar: I'm not holding NEO sadly, if Bitcoin brings it down I will buy.
Or if I get any other signal to buy like BTC downtrend gets broke and the end of the correction gets confirmed, if NEO didn't go +90% meanwhile already.
I am holding onto ETH for the short-medium term (next few days) and I'm keeping cash to trade Bitcoin waves.
a deal anywhere under 100, I think
nice job buddy
bought first neo at 7dollar,i never want it to sell,but sold at the top
waiting for 50usd buyin back,i love generating gas
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MrRenev PRO GordonGekko33
@GordonGekko33, Nice! 7 bucks damn.
Gaz is fun yeah :D
@MrRenev, i was biggest fan of bubble neo easy 1k buddy
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