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It looks like 200.00 level is good for fixing profit. If so, we should be ready to see a correction movement from this level to one of the possible support zones. The market is overbought on different time frames. RSI is going to reverse in the overbought zone and it will give us a bearish signal. MACD is bullish but if the market stay below 200.00, we'll also get a bearish signal from this indicator. The market made a great upward movement and it must be corrected. We need new buy opportunities in order to join to this strong uptrend on good levels. If the market starts falling, we must be ready to buy based on confirmed reversal signals. The 4H chart gives us 3 reversal zones formed by SMA20, SMA50, SMA100 and support levels. These zones will be able to stop and reverse the falling market. The zone formed by SMA100 and 100.00 support level will be the perfect for buying. From the daily chart this zone is supported by SMA20. It's also a good variant to build long positions on different levels. You can keep the previous long positions and add more trade volume based on new reversal signals. Other variant can be to fix the part of profit from the long positions at 200.00 level and open new trades based on new trading signals. Which variant to use, it depends on your goals and trading plans for this market.

P.S. Don't forget to make your own research before doing something with your open trades.
Kommentar: The price breaks 200.00 level by a strong bullish candle. Probably 250.00 level will be reached very quickly )
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Any updates please ?
i think we need a good correction on alts now as prices going out of control, people are stupid greedy they wouldn't stop even if LTC goes 10000000k per coin. this needs to be stopped and discouraged as it is not logical and financially sustainable for whole system.
After seeing so much gain and growth cryptos look like a scam and fraud, gaining 200x returns, i am happy to 2 to 5% gain which is realistic and fundamentally acceptable in finance, at this moment these coins are useless nothing to offer and not contributing to anything except gambling.
leondb sumairk
@sumairk, missed the train huh?
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lexg leondb
@leondb, you bet hahaha
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bedarija sumairk
@sumairk, if you want 2-5% gain than put your money into bank, the offer 2% per year and its much safer than cryptos, i on the other hand dont want to work another day in my life. why would i go to work if my money can earn me money, while i chill at home chillingT
claysee sumairk
@sumairk, link your betting game?
Wow, might need to revise this one?
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How can I buy LTC?
IlyasKorpe Justify
@Justify, kk
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