Litecoin trades goes, a decent bounce from the support.

BITSTAMP:LTCBTC   Litecoin / Bitcoin

LTC is alternate to BTC , Lower transaction fees and faster transactions. Thats why it is called as Litecoin. Well, we know about this already.

That was a massive run from $48 to $400 (close to)

Now it is bouncing back from the web :), Buy above and Sell below the web support.


Target 1 : 0.020000 (20% )
Target 2 : 0.022000 (40% )
Target 3 : 0.024000 (60% )
Kommentar: Is the support holding well? Yes. Decent bounce is the proof.
Kommentar: Broken our support line.
Kommentar: back to our support levels, here is the new view.

Buy now (1700000) Target 3000000

Kommentar: To everyone, check the chart. Our previous support was 163000, it broke but bounced back and staying above the support.

It is possible that price test the support again and move from there. Buy back level is at 145000 (next green line)

14--> 19 is 30% trade. Once 19300 is broken it would rally to moon.

Again, patience is the key. Things may not move faster, but we have seen that a month holding gives us 3x or at least 1x.
Kommentar: I am holding it, we are well above the support. Should hold.
Kommentar: Here is the update,

and Litepay card in the month of Feb, 2017

So good potential
Kommentar: Our old view still holds good

LTC was in a range for long time and lower channel was at 0.014. In the panic, the price touched around 0.013 and bounced back to the triangle again.

Break the triangle can take the price to 0.03 - making 600% average / month. Take a look.

3 Commos. Good for Bot Trading, Trailing Sl, Take profits. Better than exchanges. Worth Investing.
really appreciate whats your doing, thanks!
i bought at 0,015816 ( 3 januari

Hi there, I bought on Jan 1st when posted the trade. Still holding it.

Price didnot break my stoploss and hit my target. Still in buy in range. Some coins test the patience. I would wait. But decision is yours, your money.
update please
Any hope for LTC (and XRP)?
ctealdi ctealdi
@ctealdi, looks like they were waiting my question :)
@ctealdi, Hello my friend, LTC went from 48 to 400 in no time, but the wait period was months. So let me know what you would.
ctealdi maheswar81
@maheswar81, well, now it's slightly below to my entry point. So, I guess I will hold it some time and see, hoping another BTC rally doesn't kill it.
@ctealdi, $660 is the target. Risk and reward are 1:3. We bought the Litecoin after long consolidation, so I wnot worry about that much. You can reduce your exposure if you want.
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also litepay card coming in february
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