#GR10Y - #ECB is BANKRUPT Part 1 #Greece #EURUSD @lagarde @ecb

TVC:GR10Y   Greece 10 Year Government Bonds Yield
In the short term, the ECB is still holding out against the capital flight from Greek government bonds, but it is powerless against the capital flight out of the euro .
The ECB's new bazooka won't help, Mrs Lagarde.

As you can see in the chart, the candy has been sucked and the trader world can see that too.

Best regards from Hannover (Lower Saxony)

Stefan Bode
#GR10Y - #ECB is BANKRUPT Part 1 #Greece #EURUSD @lagarde @ecb


Very interesting. Could you give a more detailed explanation of what we're witnessing here?
Would highly appreciate.
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StefanBode BuckarooBanzaii
@BuckarooBanzaii, I think the ECB is a prisoner in its own tower and that tower is burning brightly and there is no escape from it. The institutional investors are now aware of this and are still trying to get rid of the government bonds of the "southern states". The money received is still being parked for a short time, is being loaded and should be on its way to the USA in a few weeks to flow into government bonds and stock markets.
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here is what I will be looking at on eurusd
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StefanBode transparent-fx
@transparent-fx, it will go deeper, much deeper.
For how long can the ECB fight this. And why is this only shown at the trading view chart? Haven't seen it anywhere else so far.