BITFINEX:ETHUSD   Ethereum / Dollar
Ethereum             #ETH just made us a nice and clean Classic Wu-Tang Wave. It is believed to bring power and greatness to the coin

In the end everything will be ok. If it's not ok, it's not the end just yet.

#zoomout #cheerup #hodl
hahaha awesome
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Wu tang aint nothing to **** with
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I believe in the classic Wu Tang Wave.
My analysis is same
In the end everything will be Gin and Juice.
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Newbie here. Thanks for the trading tips and help I’m losing lots of money but with your analysis I’m sure I will learn to stop buying high and selling low. I’m not sure I have have a grasp of TA lingo yet but I hope to learn more !!
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@CB58, thanks but I am no expert either. just tried to release the tense from this very negative moment (which got even more negative since I posted this yesterday). we are looking at the charts and multiple TA but in the end the market is still very unpredictable. Buying high and selling low is for sure a mistake everyone has made. That moment when you feel you need to let go of one asset because it has dipped a lot, it's most likely one of the best moment to increase your position on that asset (if of course you have done your due diligence research on it and are confident it is a strong project that proposes a technology that will have a sure demand in the near future).

I think 2018 will be a very sentencing year. Most coins are due to meet their promises. Some will succeed, many will fail. So do a proper research on what you invest/ed.
This signals the classic Griswold effect stating that if the moose out front states "were open" the price will shoot up.
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ETH ain’t nuthin ta f—k with.
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Jesus, how did I miss this... Thank you lol
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Lol, this is perfect.
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