The case for Ether and how to trade it

BITSTAMP:ETHUSD   Ethereum / Dollar
In my opinion, the case for Ether over bitcoin makes a lot of sense. It's faster, well developed and technically people have shifted a lot to Ether from BTC . (See the ETH/BTC daily chart over the last 2 months.)

Whether you agree with that or not. Either way, it should provide for some nice trades, I feel more comfortable with Ether based on those premises and I am using a martingale strategy to enter. Trading isn't above being right, it's about assessing risk and making sure you are comfortable. This strategy is the one I am most comfortable with, since the downside could be to $500. Maybe not, but we don't know.
Kommentar: Looks like the trend line and Sell zone both did nicely. Unfortunately, my order at $925 did not get filled on GDAX, as it bounced hard at $930. Look for it to come down again
Trade ist aktiv: Trades in at 1028, 916 and 845. Target of $995 to sell.
Trade ist aktiv: filled @ 731 Target 990
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: moved target to 959, closed out of trade for roughly a $200/eth gain
What's the point.? It looks like general statements which cryptosphere knows well.
Sherem sameer.g.patil
@sameer.g.patil, Doesn't sounds like you are familiar with a martingale strategy. The point is you use a martingale strategy and don't go all in and buy at $1,000 and lose half your money if it goes down to $500. You can play the dips and retraces without emotion knowing a sounds strategy is in place
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