EOS time of decision $16 or $3-5

I see two possible scenarios for EOS at this point:

Either it breaks out the bullish pennant & double its gain since building the upward trend, or it corrects downwards to $3-5. The market is quite unpredictable at the moment because bitcoin seems to have strong influence on all other assets.
Kommentar: Seems like it's 2. Depending on how deep bitcoin goes, it could drop to 3 or 5. Not guaranteed of course. This is my personal opinion, not investment advice.
Kommentar: Seems like ultimately EOS decided to break out the bullish pennant after all.
In happily for a few more days.(4-9) Then out, anticipating BTC may choose to repeat its past peformances. Thank you Dr JLT. Appreciate your input
hope it goes to 3$. Great chance to accumulate for long term.
Third scenario: it keeps floating between 7-9 range :) ... then comes EOS team announcement (business partners) and it shoots up to 20 USD range.
DrJLT MaxL82
@MaxL82, expected next month?
MaxL82 DrJLT
@DrJLT, Dan Larimer said few days ago they will announce it soon (he said January). I assume by mid January.
I know a lot depends on BTC crap coin (unfortunately). but even in the extreme case of new bear market I don't see EOS going down so low. These are quality projects and there should be enough support behind it.
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DrJLT MaxL82
@MaxL82, Good to know. My low projection for btc is ~5k. In that case, $3~5 for EOS would be possible. I expect 0.05ETH by mid 2018.
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